Friday, December 29, 2017

Back to forbidden pictures ; )

Just to let you know that I'm finishing my next update: matriarchy, spanking, the guiltiness of owning pictures of naked or half naked Ladies... I'm back to my old demons, again!
Something I have already discussed when I mentioned my old lingerie catalogues  , my dangerous past as a teen  or pictured many times in an old fashioned way like there for example.

I'm surprised how long it takes me from one update to another. One reason is that I have a precise idea of the next-door classy mothers / aunts I want, and Internet is not the endless magical hat you may think it is, people keep sharing the same material as each other and you have to dig deep for something you truly want.

Anyway, above is a glimpse of the corners of two of the three very large pictures almost finished. One will be public I think. 
Until then, you can always check the Barb pictures below this entry! ; )
Have a nice end of 2017,
Talk to you very soon : )


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Barbara O'Toole - NEW portfolio 13 !!

Again, what I admire the most is the classy / next door look of the women in charge. Also the attitude, the overall composition of the picture, the young and old witnesses, these are the details that make it works or not. 
" Devil is in the details " they say. Unfortunately for these young boys, the Devil is clearly working against them here.

In addition the titles of the images, and some witty details out of these little frames, give precious indications about the story behind these horrible moments.
My favorite is "Mother Suspicions". Because as you may know, the scenes I like the most are punishment caused by masturbation and/or owning pictures of half-naked Ladies. 

Mothers with moral values who protect their kids from depravation until they are 21... it is actually what my update seems to be about. Thank you for your patience! 

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