Monday, January 20, 2014

The swim teacher ( + another CFNM / spanking scene)

The second picture for your collection is A busy park :  
" Uh - Oh... Looks like someone has seriously upset his mother here !! "

CFNM, utter embarrasment, spanking, characters in the background who would fit in a Barb O'Toole's cartoon... after the Medieval parenthesis of last week, this Blog is back to its basics !



Monday, January 13, 2014

Medieval public shame - part 2

So this is another parenthesis in this Blog, quite different from what you usually find here. But here again, I focus on shame, feelings, facial expressions. I don't like the hardcore torture pictures, I don't like death penalty at all, so once again I'm creating what I can't find anywhere.
You think my saddle with 2 phallus is fictional? It's not. Here you can find examples from Medieval China !


I've also seen this in a weird sadistic Hong Kong movie. And since the HBO series are more daring every year, who knows if you won't see it in the next season of Game of Thrones ?
High Horse: from her horse she used to mock the peasants working for her father in the fields. Now this is a different horse made of wood, and it's time for her to sing out loud their revolutionary songs !
Rivalry: this is what happens when the Queen hears the rumour that you've been trying to seduce the King when she was away. From her balcony she'll have the pleasure to watch you being sodomized by a donkey! Maybe the real shame is that pop-corn didn't exist yet.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Retro medical part 11 ( + CFNM, and even more matriarchy )

Again, if you have friends who are nurses or Doctors, you have heard so many stories of people who pretend it was an accident...
Family Camp : In some cheesy summer songs they sing that « first times » are forever. Well, for others, humiliation can be so sudden, unexpected and violent it is «  forever » too ! So was it for Charles, the shy eighteen years old nerd with a weak body. After one day trying to make new friends around his age, it looks like he doesn't belong to the adult pool after all, but to the shallow one next to it where they are all naked. Actually, it will appear that for the next two months he is not registered to any adult activities in the camp.
La froide colère : you told me you enjoyed this 
no-nonsense casual French mother
so here is another one.