Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Waiting anxiously for her turn / Medical part 15

Quite a classic picture, but you know I love this genre : " Waiting for her turn ". 
Her older sister told her it's nothing... " don't worry spanking only makes toddlers cry "... and as her older sister is sobbing like a baby, someone is waiting very anxiously. But such is the price for redemption !!

The bonus picture for VIPs is a medical CFNM one, high quality : 650 Ko. And indeed the unfortunate young man must feel this weight on his shoulders : /

Enjoy !!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Man defeated by beauty 2 - 0 (final score)

Hey kids,

I know, I know : you want to see my new creations, I used to post a bunch of new pictures every two weeks or so. But the life outside internet has kept me busy most of the summer. Still : I'm back at work this week-end. Tomorrow or Tuesday I'll share a new variation on the " Waiting for her turn " theme, and I'll send to the VIPs a new private medical picture (CFNM style).
And because I don't want you to click here without saving a beautiful image, maybe you will enjoy like me this piece I've found by Kazak, a Russian artist. 

Cheers !