Friday, June 21, 2013

The FOUR QUEENS + Retro medical part 7

" The Four Queens ".
It took many hours to do this picture, but I'm quite proud of it. Do you remember this similar Picture I did? It had some success, but now, can't you tell I've made some progress since 2011? Please?
I started writing the story I had in mind under this picture... and decided to leave it to your imagination. I know some of you told me my text is really a great added value (thank you), but I think this one is nice as it is.

For the lucky VIPs, I've added 2 bonus for your collection :

- So the 2d picture may be already familiar for those who are into the " Clothed Females Naked Males " genre. But I wanted to improve the original picture and add a character. It's called " Sorry but nudity is not negotiable ".
- The 3d picture... ha! It took me much longer than I thought to achieve it. It's called " BIG one versus SMALL one "... I think the title is clear enough? (for the record, I don't have theories on the subject, it was just fun to make something about it).
It's all unblurred in your mailbox once I've finished typing this Blog entry.

Hard to tell what the next update will be about... I also have a picture done about a girl caught by her mates getting a lot of pleasure alone (why always boys in this Blog? Statistically this akward situation happens to girls too!), it's a sweet picture I think, not hardcore. I also have a poor guy dominated in a farm... plus the others I mentioned in the last entries. But I prefer the bunch to be about a specific theme (like this one is retro). We'll see.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

" As for me and my house... "

Violent video games, self-abuse, swearing... 
In this Blog we will always salute the respectable families who forbid what must be forbidden and make compulsory what must be made compulsory.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Public spankings ( Summer edition )

1) This first picture at beach : " Nineteen years old boy unable to say No " is inspired by a real event I often come back to, which is partly the reason of this Blog. 
The souvenir of a smart but shy guy I knew from Uni, who I had bumped into in a shop, her classy Mom was trying clothes and toying with him like a child, he was totally embarrassed but couldn't dare to say "no" apparently. It explained a lot of things afterward when I saw him at the Uni "Night Bal" at the end of the year. 
A kiss, a few words could work like a stroke of a magic wand, and he would feel entitled to say "No". I think very little random things can have huge impact on our lives, and a few words can really make a difference. But for my mate at Uni, or this guy pictured at the beach, it didn't happen. Life is cruel and doesn't wait, let's move on!

2) Second picture " In a hurry to leave "  is not a spanking (so forgive the title of this post, but I had to make it simple). It's just me a few years ago. I feel the raw nudity of women at beach is kind of shocking at first glance. Maybe you are so used to it you don't feel it anymore. Maybe if I was living at Caverns time I wouldn't make such a fuss. Anyway. This gentleman can't cope and is betrayed by his speedo swimsuit, he is walking faster to get away, but when you are walking faster, you only get more attention ; )

3) " Price for inappropriate curiosity " :  Technically, it's the best one I think.  " Nineteen years old boy unable to say No " is a great picture, but the difference between a 'great' picture and an 'almost perfect one' is a few hours of working on skin tones and light, and generally I prefer to work on new pics rather than spend a week on a specific one. I really wanted a pool lifeguard looking mad at this boy. He was gazing at the beautiful girls, swimming under water thinking he would get unnoticed... But the worst happened. As the pool lifeguard says: " it's not a peep-show, it's a place to swim ! ". (Sorry this picture is not public, but some people gave to boost this place a bit (thank you!), so I feel I must always reward them)

Again, all naked models are eighteen or more (and this is also why they look so pathetic, eh). I'm still working on the cruelty of some women on men on wheelchairs. I have also one picture finished of a teen boy caught by his Mom with a " MILF " magazine. And some people urge me to go back to the medical retro field... so we'll see, maybe I'll release a batch with different things.

Anyway, hope you'll enjoy these ones !


Saturday, June 1, 2013

The imaginative pervy drawings (Scooby Doo, Tintin, Star Wars...)

A little parenthesis in this Blog. This genre can be simply wonderful, hail to the great artists !! I used to draw, but I think I'm better at making the images you know. Does anyone know who did this clever and very funny Scooby-Doo one? It's not even signed, he may be a "mainstream" illustrator who didn't want to be recognized. Or maybe you know more pictures he did? I'd like to credit him (or 'her' after all, isn't Barbara O'Toole the proof that women can be the best in these pervy-witty creations?).

I know, I know... no bunch of pictures from me in this update... I have made 2 great ones, but I need to finish a third one to post the usual public/private bunch. Be patient! Thank you.