Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Medical ( part 8 )

" Don't waste our time "
If you prefer it without text, for your pretty " Tumblr " :
And the (very embarrassing) bonus picture for the " VIPs ", check your mailbox.
Like you, I read the weird news on internet, and I keep a ear for the stories some friends who are nurses tell me. Some desperate people are ready to masturbate with the most bizarre objects so that it looks even more like the “ real ” thing.... And when they get stuck into it, they sometimes realize with horror they have no choice but go to the hospital to remove the object. It inspired me this picture : " Cruel plastic from Asia "
Enjoy !


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Very hot summer

Very hot summer, so much tension to relieve...

For your collection dear VIP, I'm going to send 2 bonus pictures : " The reason why the front door was closed ! ", and an unlucky nineteen years old boy caught with an infamous " MILF magazine ". His Mom is of course " a bit " disgusted and angry !

I know, I know : not so many updates this summer... I'm living a bit more outside. But I promise there are a few embarrassing gems to come !