Thursday, December 26, 2013

Best pictures I've received lately

Some artists write to me and send me their own creations, which is very nice, and sometimes I post some of them here when I feel they fit with the spirit of my site. So here they are :

- You can recognize the nice simple style of J. Tesker in these first two, I've already posted some of her great pictures before, if you look into the previous entries
- The 3d one is the picture of "Charles", a French guy who tried to draw as best as he can the difficult Wednesday afternoons decades ago, when average report cards was a serious issue in the family. (I like her nose/glasses/long hair style, he told me it is how she was looking indeed)

- The last one is Franco, who is a quite well-known artist, and not the less talented. He definitely has imposed his own style.

As for me, I've finished the 3 new pictures of " Medieval public shame " part II, women in big trouble, but still don't know if I will post it here or send it all straight to the VIPs, as it doesn't really fit with the pink atmosphere of these pages. So if I don't post it publicly, next update will be about very embarrassed boys, business as usual ! ; )

EDIT : Oh, by the way, Merry Xmas! See how hot Samantha Claus punishes one naughty elve Sweet isn't it? 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Classy when spanking hubby !! ( + the old days )

“ Women have always been the strong ones of the world. The men are always seeking from women a little pillow to put their heads down on. They are always longing for the mother who held them as infants. ” - Coco Chanel 

Actually, this model was half-naked when I made this picture. I had to dress her and felt a bit like a fashion designer. There is an appropriate way to dress up to work, to go shopping, to go out... maybe there is one for spanking? 

This retro-style spanker was possibly inspired by the awesome drawings of a fellow artist at Red Rump Spanking Art , check it if you don't know it already !

Making the most of the old days - the gardener is the HQ picture for the collection of the VIP readers of this Blog.
Who could blame her for trying to make the most beautiful garden?
And for punishing this young adult to improve his gardening skills - and for her enjoyment?
Nah... who are we to judge?
You can see - again - the Barb O'Toole influence in that picture.
As for the updates, I have finished 3 pictures: a "non-nonsense French mother" , and 2 on the " medieval shame " genre, I haven't decided yet which ones will be public or for the VIPs.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome !



Saturday, December 14, 2013

Barbara O'Toole NEW pictures

" My name is Christopher Payne. I am the long-time companion of Barbara O'Toole. Together, we were partners in producing the BitterSweet and Barb's RX

For the last year, Barbara has been in poor health and has recently taken a more serious downturn. Barb has asked me to circulate this email and to present the sale of 10 new, never before seen pieces of her art in response to the mounting medical bills facing us. Barbara produced these new pieces and many others over the past 2 years.

To purchase these 10 large image files, including one animated gif, please email your request to this email address: ( lowercase letter O & lowercase letter L ).

The minimum fee for the 10 new pieces is $25. Any larger contributions will be greatly appreciated. Once we have received your requests for purchase, we will direct you to the payment process.

Barbara's large audience of like-minded people are very dear to her and she wishes all a most enjoyable viewing experience.


Chris & Barbara

Like me, I guess you are very, very sorry to hear our Icon has these health issues. 

I've seen the 9 pictures + the animated .gif . They are are all the same "bittersweetness" high quality we were used to. In my opinion maybe even 2 or 3 ("The all over burn", "Orientation"...) are even her all-time best. So if you are hesitating between purchasing my pictures or hers for your collection, buy her pictures. Like, now!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Barbara O'Toole : NEWS

I was excited to post my new retro artwork (wife/hubby), but I'll wait until next week. When it comes to Barbara O'Toole, I have a sense of priorities.

As you know, Barb is a regular visitor and feels at home in this Blog. 
Our artworks are indeed very similar in spirit (but in talent, I'll always consider her my mentor, these tame colours, this "bittersweetness"...  unmatchable!!)

This new picture can give you a hint. You can already spread the word : this week-end or before I'll do an important announcement regarding our icon.  


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Learn to respect yourself !

Again, why is it so difficult to follow basic rules, only for a few months? Some people are so weak.
He has only managed to waste months of piety, and disappoint his Grandmother who is preparing him for a glorious Priest career.

(for you VIPs, I'm going to mail you the "Collector's edition", which includes the consequences of his wrongdoing...)



Friday, December 6, 2013

Scared. Very much.