Sunday, April 4, 2021

" The old fashioned way " ( plus your worst fears )


" The old fashioned way "

As for the rest of the pictures, it is just your worst fears I believe. Like your mates surprising you when Mom is taking your temperature. Like the return of the Balls Pacifier. Like being humiliated in front of the nurses.
Fornutately, you can always leave this nightmare, switch off your computer and let these unfortunate (18 or more) boys deal (not so well) with the situation, phiew !! : ) 
VIP members, it's in your mailbox full size and quality today.

There are more embarrassing & fun scenes, but it will be in next update : )

Until then,

 ̶B̶e̶s̶t̶  worst always ,


Friday, March 26, 2021

Don't click, or...

Too late, you clicked.

I wish there was an arm popping out from this screen, dragging you by the ear to a place where you would learn a lesson 
Believe me it's a pity I can't find this feature, or it would be arranged already

This modern society lacks values and modesty, we need someone to set the limits and create a reassuring frame. The picture above embodies pretty much what this site is about (well, plus a bunch of other fantaisies I can't even explain to myself)

Apart from that, more pictures for the "VIP" club next week, and maybe another public one too

( But you are a good boy / girl, you have learned the lesson and will NEVER come back here, right?? )

Have a nice weekend,


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

NEW Barbara O'Tool's pictures #25


I was wondering if this time, my update would be ready before Barbara's. And guess what? Someone again worked better !

I love " Before the concert ", because I can see myself in this picture. I remember the excitment of dressing up before my very first concert. Rock music is often a passover ritual, an act of faith to escape from Mom's hands. It is ironic and very cruel that Mom's hands were that close to him at this very moment. 

But my favorite this time may be   " Mosquito Bites " .  Somehow Barb's picture reminds me of mine :   The Ice Cream Disaster (sorry it is a private picture, but I've let John Wilkins' text public, so you get the idea). 
In general, I think the scenes happening in a park are among the best, either her pictures or mine. Public embarrasment really means something there. It's a familiar and quiet area, with people from your own family to perfect strangers, and inbetween there are people you half-know and may see again someday. And you are just not sure what is worse... 

What's yours? Feel free to comment below 

And as usual, if you are wondering how to add these 10 new pieces full quality/size to your collection, just write directly to her :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

Enjoy Spring coming up!! : )



Sunday, November 1, 2020

"... beautiful, but extremely embarrassing " (spanking, CFNM)


The precious cousin from the big city : is what it is.
Domestic Discipline Demonstration : is somewhat darker 

The private pictures for VIPs (it's in your mailbox today) :

La Bourgeoise : is an insight in a French traditional family 
STOP sperm : is a radical an efficient way to find peace in the household
Stolen : at public swimming pool, is my new personal interpretation of Barbara's picture , the second left from top, if you own the original one already, lucky you  
If only Mother was less attractive : is a beautiful/but extremely embarrassing situation (and now I've found title of this new entry in the Blog ; )
Rush hour : is the horrible situation of boys waiting to be called by the nurse 
Another kind of lockdown : is " Rush Hour " pushed further, and the return of the good old Balls Pacifier

I hope these pictures will speak to you, and make you forget the world outside like it does to me. 
Take care : )


Thursday, October 22, 2020

BARB's exciting Portfolio #24, + E & Fun update to come !!


Hello there!
I hope you are taking good care of you, in this difficult year in many ways.

Many of you have written to me directly since last time, worried that this Blog is dying. 

No, it's not : ) . 

A clear, positive answer. 
Because I love this special universe as you do : )  Sometimes I may have to take some distance and deal with some stuff in real life, but look, I just love to come back to this cocoon. 

So what do we have today? 
First, a brillant new set by Barbara O'Toole. 

The models (including the less fortunate ones), are very beautiful, and very next-door at the same time.

- I like the boy punished right away by his stern mother because he presumably had a look at "Penthouse" or " Cavalier" in the store.
It has this sublte retro touch. Back in this era when it was the only possibility to see (half-)naked women.

- And the forced regression scene, it always work for me...
- For those who already own this set already, I love the outraged Lady on "Boys will be boys" too, the one holding the table-tennis paddle.
I'm always interested to know what are your faves (or less faves) : ) Don't hesitate to comment .
As usual,  you can add this set to your collection if you write directly to : 
b_o2l AT

As for my pictures specifically...
The update may be up this Sunday or the weekend after : ) 
Here is another teaser, I've just made it a few minutes ago. There are actually more new pictures involved, but you'll get the idea :

The idea is indeed to do what I like the most again.

Since then, enjoy Barb's pictures!



Friday, July 24, 2020

Naughty young ladies - BARB's portfolio #23 is out !!

I sincerly hope you are all well ! : )

No Covid and masks in this virtual place, so we can fully admire the facial expressions of these young ladies in distress.
It's not only about these young persons, I truly love Barbara's exquisite work to make the adults in charge look satisfied / determined / strong, and the eyes of witnesses shinning with mockery (plus a little sadistic twist)

It's this attention to details (including vintage clothes, haircuts...) that make me gaze at these pictures for minutes like I'm inside a - pervy - museum) 

Actually, now that I'm thinking of it, I'd love to see these pictures in one wing of a prestigious museum, as a temporary exhibition. After all, it says something about our society and 
the past decades. What would be the reactions of the visitors? It would be worthy a thousand photographs and another exhibition I guess ^^

Anyway, it's only about punished naughty young ladies here, and I forgot how exciting it can be when it's done THIS way.
You can add this set to your collection if you write directly to : b_o2l AT


And what about my pictures, you may ask? Between two sets, many of you have sent me worried messages, afraid that I won't post anymore. And again, I will post again : ) I'm pretty sure the VIP people will receive new pictures this Autumn.
Boys in trouble, spanking, the glorious return of the Balls Pacifier , and more : )

Take care,


AleX ( - and Barbara : )

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Barbara O'Toole's portfolio 22

No lockdown for such pretty scenes of human dramas, Barbara's new wonderful art is out : )
Again much attention on the choice of characters, their attitude and facial expression... 
Especially on the " Soccer Mom ". So many characters with a different attitude on the background. The addition of all details creates a whole credible scene where it's easy to understand what just  happened (I'm currently trying to create something similar in a public swimming pool. Not easy, but still working on it).

By contrast, I also appreciate the simplicity of  " Same Time Tomorrow ", with a very young babysitter offerering her (cruel) services.
But my favorite may be " Dorm Room Inspection ". The rebel boys have been collecting too many reasons to see that horrible day coming

What is your favorite this time?
To make a donation and add these 10 new great pieces to your collection, just write directly to Barbara :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

Looks like it is already my turn to post my new pictures here !
Thank you Barbara for giving me inspiration

Take care you all !