Monday, June 18, 2018

Upcoming girls' cruelty

In the upcoming update of Embarrassing & Fun, we will focus on a few societal issues :

-> For example, what are these 4 girls doing in the locker room with this unfortunate boy? A few moments of bullying can waste one's youth and cause years of trauma. Rather than a sociological ranting about these new forms of violence, " The new very small penis Legend at school " will illustrate these infamous modern cases better.

-> A teen health expert will give a few tips to mothers when it comes to their son's oedipal issues. All boys pass through this taboo stage of wanting to experience sex with Mother, more or less consciously. Some unforesseen circumstances can make it very akward for the boy, as we will see in pictures. How to react? Thank you Anna Donegal for your good advices!

-> And more...