Friday, November 22, 2013

A guilty glance at her legs

Mmm... I'm talking to the men who follow my Blog rather than women. I know it happened to you to look furtively at her cleavage when she bends over, or have a quick look at her nylon crossed legs when she is seated... When she catches your eyes, she may feel genuinely offended, she may just not care, or she may feel flattered. In any cases, chances are you would feel guilty, and maybe even if you are not caught.
Well, sometimes, someone pays the price. Today it's this poor guy in the picture above : /


The bonus picture for VIPs is Le village 1901. In rural France, when the Ladies in the farms around are already taken, one can realizes he will probably never get married.
So better teach him something useful for his 20 years old birthday, like how to do it properly, and without staining the bed sheets. ...Since it's probably the only way he will pleasure himself for the rest of his days.

It's in your mailbox in a few minutes.
And yes, still working on retro medical pictures : ) But it's not that easy sometimes, especially when I try to make them in high definition !

Enjoy !


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Not too old for it, sorry !

You know on these pages, we like to focus on young adults who think they can get away with everything, no matter how immature they can be at times. 
But some non-nonsense parents don't get fooled with this "I'm too old for this" begging !!

So that was the picture you lurkers wanted to see, according to the "Love our lurkers" post below.
To my VIPs: I only release one of these private pic per year, and I'm working on a new retro medical private bunch, no worries : )

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Next time, you will call me " Madam " !!

This " ballbusting " concept may remind you " The Arab Spring ". Another time, another place, another social revolution.
Nice isn't it? Well, at least it is nice to me. I enjoyed making these artworks that are the reflect of a new social reality.

Meanwhile, I'm working on more retro medical for the "VIPs" of this Blog. Not sure yet when it will come out. 

For the non-VIPs, consider taking 20 seconds to vote on the " Love our lurkers " Blog entry below. I'm releasing just ONE private pic, but only if there is a clear winner! Otherwise, bah, no pic.

Enjoy !


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's " Love our Lurkers Day", 8th edition !

Thanks to this nice idea from Bonnie in her very active Blog , it's Love our Lurkers Day, 8th edition !

" We appreciate our silent readers all year round, but today is the day when we gather to celebrate their presence.

Ah, lurkers, all quiet and mysterious. We see you in our statistics each day. We don't know your name, but we know you're there. Fear not, dear lurkers, because we too are fascinated with the same kinky subjects that brought you here. Better still, today is your day! It's Love Our Lurkers Day. This is your opportunity to poke your head up just enough to say hello. Since you and good people like you constitute more than half of our readership, we bloggers are curious. "

Bonne also encourages us bloggers to give a little reward to our readers, to make the day special

So below is an old bunch of private pics. Comment and pick the one you want to be made public, and before the end of the week the one that has the more votes will pop out !

Cheers !


Thursday, November 7, 2013

The OUTRAGEOUS picture (and a little visit in the countryside)

The outrageous picture found under his bed. 
Why is it so difficult to follow clear and simples rules? Respect yourself and your family?
If it is forbidden surely there must be a reason? 
These shocking pictures are too much for a young soul.
But when you hear the drawer squeaking, it's like the door of Redemption is opening!


The bonus picture for VIPs, " The environmental engineer is a b*tch ! ", was a bit too hardcore for the spirit of this Blog I think. So maybe it's better as a private pic anyway!
John Locke said : " man is a wolf to his fellow man ". What about women? I say woman is a wolf to her fellow woman... but with even sharper teeth when it comes to rivalry and  revenge! Like with this sophisticated environmental engineer. She had been in town for only 3 months, but enough to steal the ONLY handsome man, the one the other farm girls had a frustrating crush on for YEARS. How rude is that? So before she flies away with him forever, let's give her an unforgettable souvenir from the countryside...