Saturday, August 25, 2012

The buzz around Embarrassing & Fun

It takes time to keep this page alive, but today I've decided to focus on the rewarding things :
  • This week-end we'll reach 400 000 pages viewed in total. You are people from all over the world but China. I never get a visitor from China. The USA easily wins the Olympics of kinkyness, followed by UK, Germany, Canada, France... Looks like I have loyal followers in Egypt, Israël, Jordania, The Emirates... and once a few from Syria ! Two hypothesis :  1) The positive hypothesis : some people in Syria want to escape from the daily roughness with an illustration of their sexual frustration. It's beautiful to have the possibility to open a window like this I think... Like the Miss Sarajevo lyrics in the U2 song «  Is there a time for kohl and lipstick / A time for cutting hair / Is there a time for high street shopping / To find the right dress to wear ? » Futility is beautiful... But I disgress. 2) The paranoïd hypothesis : because I had numerous arguments with some members of the Bachar El Assad fan-club on political forums, some of these guys decided to track my internet to check if I was linked with some non-gouvernemental organisation. (If you are reading me now : Hello !! :D Hope all this pink here will colour a bit your sad life)
  • Barbara O'Toole wrote to tell me just how much she enjoys this place. She has always been my main inspiration (alongside with things I've witnessed in real life), so I can tell you how much I value her encouragements. Good news : she has been bitten by the naughty bug again and is back to work. (sorry, I don't plan on giving to anyone her email or stuff, otherwise don't you think she would comment this blog with her real name instead of sending private messages?)
  • I enjoy your comments and the private discussions with all of you. I never had creepy messages, everything is interesting or fun... a big THANK YOU

    And now ? I have about a dozen artworks finished or almost finished. Some may even be a bit too deviant for this place, some really fit, some don't. Some are very good I think, some are average graphically... And after that I'm not too sure I'll be able to post as often. Google keeps returning me the same results and it's harder to find material to create good situations. So if you find interesting settings, models, attitudes, facial expressions... especially from the 50's era, please drop me a mail.
    I also plan on seing a Mistress to live some of the fantasy that is illustrated in this blog. The equation time/money is tight and I'm afraid I can only afford this trip to Paris once, so I'll have to choose the worst scenario possible I guess... There is also this public humiliation option that is tempting but scary. Not sure I'll even relate this experience here ! My secret world.
Cheers ! : )


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Never touched by a woman before ( Medical visit )

Aaron a reader from India has suggested me to explore a bit more the medical side. You know I try to please the loyal followers of this blog... 

To all the male readers, don't tell me you have never feared to have an "accident" while you were examined half-naked by the Doctor ; )
It's sometimes the first time a woman touches different parts of your body and it can be very awkward.
In the case of this 20 years old above, his Mom waiting to drive him back home doesn't help to ease the shame unfortunately... : /

I was inspired by this picture I had for years in a file. Any ideas who I can credit ? 

Friday, August 17, 2012

How to maintain good relations with neighbors

In August some families go back to their summer house.

Before he could understand what was happening his bluejean and panties were down his ankles : / 
It's a bit like the « Here and now » method I pictured months ago. Maybe you can also call this the « blitzkrieg » way of spanking ? Hmm...

It was an easy one to make. The boy pictured is eighteen, the woman is French, I wanted everything to remind me my past holidays. It's the nice period when everybody makes some efforts with the family next door to get the best holidays possible : ) Well in this case it was a bit at this boy's expense, but not everybody can win all the time...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A dangerous glance !

Maybe I had this Gil Elvren Pinup in mind when I did this artwork ?

Monday, August 6, 2012

HER " lost " swimsuit found in HIS bag

Dear loyal readers of this blog,

It's summertime here in Europe : ) , summer camps,  swim camps, training...

So many burning memories, but unfortunately not all are because of the sun : /

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New set of personal little dramas

J. Tesker is discret and has been quiet for a few months, but she told me to post these new great artworks on my page. It fits perfectly with the concept of this blog isn't it ?

Like me she takes models who are eighteen or more and put them in the worst situations imaginable. The kind of irreversible moments that'll leave forever the burning mark of shame somewhere in the psyche of these unfortunate boys   : / 

Her first set was posted here months ago, explore this blog a bit and you will find it again, lazy you.