Thursday, December 26, 2013

Best pictures I've received lately

Some artists write to me and send me their own creations, which is very nice, and sometimes I post some of them here when I feel they fit with the spirit of my site. So here they are :

- You can recognize the nice simple style of J. Tesker in these first two, I've already posted some of her great pictures before, if you look into the previous entries
- The 3d one is the picture of "Charles", a French guy who tried to draw as best as he can the difficult Wednesday afternoons decades ago, when average report cards was a serious issue in the family. (I like her nose/glasses/long hair style, he told me it is how she was looking indeed)

- The last one is Franco, who is a quite well-known artist, and not the less talented. He definitely has imposed his own style.

As for me, I've finished the 3 new pictures of " Medieval public shame " part II, women in big trouble, but still don't know if I will post it here or send it all straight to the VIPs, as it doesn't really fit with the pink atmosphere of these pages. So if I don't post it publicly, next update will be about very embarrassed boys, business as usual ! ; )

EDIT : Oh, by the way, Merry Xmas! See how hot Samantha Claus punishes one naughty elve Sweet isn't it? 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Classy when spanking hubby !! ( + the old days )

“ Women have always been the strong ones of the world. The men are always seeking from women a little pillow to put their heads down on. They are always longing for the mother who held them as infants. ” - Coco Chanel 

Actually, this model was half-naked when I made this picture. I had to dress her and felt a bit like a fashion designer. There is an appropriate way to dress up to work, to go shopping, to go out... maybe there is one for spanking? 

This retro-style spanker was possibly inspired by the awesome drawings of a fellow artist at Red Rump Spanking Art , check it if you don't know it already !

Making the most of the old days - the gardener is the HQ picture for the collection of the VIP readers of this Blog.
Who could blame her for trying to make the most beautiful garden?
And for punishing this young adult to improve his gardening skills - and for her enjoyment?
Nah... who are we to judge?
You can see - again - the Barb O'Toole influence in that picture.
As for the updates, I have finished 3 pictures: a "non-nonsense French mother" , and 2 on the " medieval shame " genre, I haven't decided yet which ones will be public or for the VIPs.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome !



Saturday, December 14, 2013

Barbara O'Toole NEW pictures

" My name is Christopher Payne. I am the long-time companion of Barbara O'Toole. Together, we were partners in producing the BitterSweet and Barb's RX

For the last year, Barbara has been in poor health and has recently taken a more serious downturn. Barb has asked me to circulate this email and to present the sale of 10 new, never before seen pieces of her art in response to the mounting medical bills facing us. Barbara produced these new pieces and many others over the past 2 years.

To purchase these 10 large image files, including one animated gif, please email your request to this email address: ( lowercase letter O & lowercase letter L ).

The minimum fee for the 10 new pieces is $25. Any larger contributions will be greatly appreciated. Once we have received your requests for purchase, we will direct you to the payment process.

Barbara's large audience of like-minded people are very dear to her and she wishes all a most enjoyable viewing experience.


Chris & Barbara

Like me, I guess you are very, very sorry to hear our Icon has these health issues. 

I've seen the 9 pictures + the animated .gif . They are are all the same "bittersweetness" high quality we were used to. In my opinion maybe even 2 or 3 ("The all over burn", "Orientation"...) are even her all-time best. So if you are hesitating between purchasing my pictures or hers for your collection, buy her pictures. Like, now!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Barbara O'Toole : NEWS

I was excited to post my new retro artwork (wife/hubby), but I'll wait until next week. When it comes to Barbara O'Toole, I have a sense of priorities.

As you know, Barb is a regular visitor and feels at home in this Blog. 
Our artworks are indeed very similar in spirit (but in talent, I'll always consider her my mentor, these tame colours, this "bittersweetness"...  unmatchable!!)

This new picture can give you a hint. You can already spread the word : this week-end or before I'll do an important announcement regarding our icon.  


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Learn to respect yourself !

Again, why is it so difficult to follow basic rules, only for a few months? Some people are so weak.
He has only managed to waste months of piety, and disappoint his Grandmother who is preparing him for a glorious Priest career.

(for you VIPs, I'm going to mail you the "Collector's edition", which includes the consequences of his wrongdoing...)



Friday, December 6, 2013

Scared. Very much.




Friday, November 22, 2013

A guilty glance at her legs

Mmm... I'm talking to the men who follow my Blog rather than women. I know it happened to you to look furtively at her cleavage when she bends over, or have a quick look at her nylon crossed legs when she is seated... When she catches your eyes, she may feel genuinely offended, she may just not care, or she may feel flattered. In any cases, chances are you would feel guilty, and maybe even if you are not caught.
Well, sometimes, someone pays the price. Today it's this poor guy in the picture above : /


The bonus picture for VIPs is Le village 1901. In rural France, when the Ladies in the farms around are already taken, one can realizes he will probably never get married.
So better teach him something useful for his 20 years old birthday, like how to do it properly, and without staining the bed sheets. ...Since it's probably the only way he will pleasure himself for the rest of his days.

It's in your mailbox in a few minutes.
And yes, still working on retro medical pictures : ) But it's not that easy sometimes, especially when I try to make them in high definition !

Enjoy !


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Not too old for it, sorry !

You know on these pages, we like to focus on young adults who think they can get away with everything, no matter how immature they can be at times. 
But some non-nonsense parents don't get fooled with this "I'm too old for this" begging !!

So that was the picture you lurkers wanted to see, according to the "Love our lurkers" post below.
To my VIPs: I only release one of these private pic per year, and I'm working on a new retro medical private bunch, no worries : )

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Next time, you will call me " Madam " !!

This " ballbusting " concept may remind you " The Arab Spring ". Another time, another place, another social revolution.
Nice isn't it? Well, at least it is nice to me. I enjoyed making these artworks that are the reflect of a new social reality.

Meanwhile, I'm working on more retro medical for the "VIPs" of this Blog. Not sure yet when it will come out. 

For the non-VIPs, consider taking 20 seconds to vote on the " Love our lurkers " Blog entry below. I'm releasing just ONE private pic, but only if there is a clear winner! Otherwise, bah, no pic.

Enjoy !


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's " Love our Lurkers Day", 8th edition !

Thanks to this nice idea from Bonnie in her very active Blog , it's Love our Lurkers Day, 8th edition !

" We appreciate our silent readers all year round, but today is the day when we gather to celebrate their presence.

Ah, lurkers, all quiet and mysterious. We see you in our statistics each day. We don't know your name, but we know you're there. Fear not, dear lurkers, because we too are fascinated with the same kinky subjects that brought you here. Better still, today is your day! It's Love Our Lurkers Day. This is your opportunity to poke your head up just enough to say hello. Since you and good people like you constitute more than half of our readership, we bloggers are curious. "

Bonne also encourages us bloggers to give a little reward to our readers, to make the day special

So below is an old bunch of private pics. Comment and pick the one you want to be made public, and before the end of the week the one that has the more votes will pop out !

Cheers !


Thursday, November 7, 2013

The OUTRAGEOUS picture (and a little visit in the countryside)

The outrageous picture found under his bed. 
Why is it so difficult to follow clear and simples rules? Respect yourself and your family?
If it is forbidden surely there must be a reason? 
These shocking pictures are too much for a young soul.
But when you hear the drawer squeaking, it's like the door of Redemption is opening!


The bonus picture for VIPs, " The environmental engineer is a b*tch ! ", was a bit too hardcore for the spirit of this Blog I think. So maybe it's better as a private pic anyway!
John Locke said : " man is a wolf to his fellow man ". What about women? I say woman is a wolf to her fellow woman... but with even sharper teeth when it comes to rivalry and  revenge! Like with this sophisticated environmental engineer. She had been in town for only 3 months, but enough to steal the ONLY handsome man, the one the other farm girls had a frustrating crush on for YEARS. How rude is that? So before she flies away with him forever, let's give her an unforgettable souvenir from the countryside...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The forbidden Rock n'Roll party (women in big trouble update)

Did I say it before? I say it again : I LOVE the 1950s, it screams spanking
For the VIPs, it comes with these 2 bonus :
-> Attitude adjustment deals with one of my favorite theme: a girl who imagined she would magically escape any form of punishments because she turned eighteen. But when you act immature, be prepared for a childish punishment!  
" Yes, I said on the bare too. If it is so shameful to you, better think about not being punished again. Save your tears for the actual spanking ! "
-> Waiting for their turn - Boarding school is probably the best of all 3 technically. Like the 2 other pictures I focus on facial expressions, shame and fear, not hardcore scenes.

Next update? Looks like " Women un big trouble " again, or " Medical ". Or... I don't know. Let's see what comes out from the hat !



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Co-workers 1973 (so difficult to hide his emotions)

When the young accountant at the underwear company joins his co-workers at the annual marketing exhibition, it's a bit of a shock !

For you VIPs, I've joined two pictures in high resolution that helped me make the picture above. It's from magazines I've ordered on Ebay thanks to your donations, so it's just another way to give you the return.


The thing is, this week I've been working on a " women in big trouble " update, not men. And then I started making the picture above to make a break... I guess you'll have the " women in trouble " next week instead : )

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never touched by a woman before - RETRO version ( medical part 10 )

So the holidays are over, let's start a new year making very embarrassing pictures !
This picture may remind you this one.

You " VIPs" will find in your mailbox these 2 bonus :
-> The original version of the picture above, with the boy fully naked. I think both are interesting in a different way.
-> Wars, stupid brawls down your street... don't you think the world would be more peaceful with a bit less testosterone? 
" Along with all the vaccines that must be done before your son reaches twenty, you can now ask for a monthly injection of Neutrosterone (R) to minimize the wrong effects of testosterone such as agressivity and rebellion. To fully neutralize the hormones, the injection is done into the testicles."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Merci !!

What a busy September month this is...

But in October, I should have more time, and you'll see my usual public and private pictures popping up !
I have so many half-finished pictures in my folders... : /
Thank you for your patience, especially you VIPs

On a sidenote, this Blog now has ONE MILLION pages viewed !!
You are visiting even when I'm not updating it... so thank you for sharing my special kinkyness, and for supporting these pages 

Soon !


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Evil magazine found at home !! ( and other very embarrassing moments )

Because the new improvements of the printing industry allow realistic pictures in every magazines, some unmarried boys may see much more than they should normally, like naked legs FAR over the knee level. But some respectable families will not let their household being perverted this easily !
 And the bonus for the VIP of this Blog are...
- by popular demand, another picture like Adult infantilized, it's called The cruel Au Pair, about Agnieszka dealing with John, 19 years old, in the hot summer of Atlanta. (technically it's the pic I'm the most proud of this week, you'll let me know what you think)
- Busted posting naked pics of Mom is what you may find on a " MILF " message board. It's fun, until Mom finds out and is (understandably) furious. She may remember what her grandparents told her about the hairbrush being horribly efficient at teaching a lesson for life...
(As usual, all naked / spanked models are 18, or more. Which may be even worse for them, when you think of it)

- Because of your donations when becoming VIP (thank you!), I can order some pretty vintage adult magazines on Ebay. The least I can do is to scan the best pictures and send them alongside the pics above to your mailbox.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A little motivational talk...

I think I had the idea while listening this 80s song : 

" Somebody told me,
"Boy, everything she wants is everything she sees..."
I guess I must have loved you.
'Cause I said you were the perfect girl for me,
But now we're six months older...
And everything you want and everything you see,
Is out of reach...not good enough...
I don't know what the hell you want from me "

It's kind of a guilty pleasure for me, but' let's face it... I love this song and weird video !

And the bonus picture is The bossy Latino mother at beach, " Clothed Females Naked Man " genre.
Her nineteen years old boy acted immature, so he will play naked the rest of the afternoon like any children on the beach!!

If it's not in your mailbox in 10 minutes, spank me.



EDIT : I'm away from computers until this Sunday 18th, if I don't come back to you until Sunday, no panic ! : )

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Medical ( part 8 )

" Don't waste our time "
If you prefer it without text, for your pretty " Tumblr " :
And the (very embarrassing) bonus picture for the " VIPs ", check your mailbox.
Like you, I read the weird news on internet, and I keep a ear for the stories some friends who are nurses tell me. Some desperate people are ready to masturbate with the most bizarre objects so that it looks even more like the “ real ” thing.... And when they get stuck into it, they sometimes realize with horror they have no choice but go to the hospital to remove the object. It inspired me this picture : " Cruel plastic from Asia "
Enjoy !


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Very hot summer

Very hot summer, so much tension to relieve...

For your collection dear VIP, I'm going to send 2 bonus pictures : " The reason why the front door was closed ! ", and an unlucky nineteen years old boy caught with an infamous " MILF magazine ". His Mom is of course " a bit " disgusted and angry !

I know, I know : not so many updates this summer... I'm living a bit more outside. But I promise there are a few embarrassing gems to come !



Friday, June 21, 2013

The FOUR QUEENS + Retro medical part 7

" The Four Queens ".
It took many hours to do this picture, but I'm quite proud of it. Do you remember this similar Picture I did? It had some success, but now, can't you tell I've made some progress since 2011? Please?
I started writing the story I had in mind under this picture... and decided to leave it to your imagination. I know some of you told me my text is really a great added value (thank you), but I think this one is nice as it is.

For the lucky VIPs, I've added 2 bonus for your collection :

- So the 2d picture may be already familiar for those who are into the " Clothed Females Naked Males " genre. But I wanted to improve the original picture and add a character. It's called " Sorry but nudity is not negotiable ".
- The 3d picture... ha! It took me much longer than I thought to achieve it. It's called " BIG one versus SMALL one "... I think the title is clear enough? (for the record, I don't have theories on the subject, it was just fun to make something about it).
It's all unblurred in your mailbox once I've finished typing this Blog entry.

Hard to tell what the next update will be about... I also have a picture done about a girl caught by her mates getting a lot of pleasure alone (why always boys in this Blog? Statistically this akward situation happens to girls too!), it's a sweet picture I think, not hardcore. I also have a poor guy dominated in a farm... plus the others I mentioned in the last entries. But I prefer the bunch to be about a specific theme (like this one is retro). We'll see.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

" As for me and my house... "

Violent video games, self-abuse, swearing... 
In this Blog we will always salute the respectable families who forbid what must be forbidden and make compulsory what must be made compulsory.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Public spankings ( Summer edition )

1) This first picture at beach : " Nineteen years old boy unable to say No " is inspired by a real event I often come back to, which is partly the reason of this Blog. 
The souvenir of a smart but shy guy I knew from Uni, who I had bumped into in a shop, her classy Mom was trying clothes and toying with him like a child, he was totally embarrassed but couldn't dare to say "no" apparently. It explained a lot of things afterward when I saw him at the Uni "Night Bal" at the end of the year. 
A kiss, a few words could work like a stroke of a magic wand, and he would feel entitled to say "No". I think very little random things can have huge impact on our lives, and a few words can really make a difference. But for my mate at Uni, or this guy pictured at the beach, it didn't happen. Life is cruel and doesn't wait, let's move on!

2) Second picture " In a hurry to leave "  is not a spanking (so forgive the title of this post, but I had to make it simple). It's just me a few years ago. I feel the raw nudity of women at beach is kind of shocking at first glance. Maybe you are so used to it you don't feel it anymore. Maybe if I was living at Caverns time I wouldn't make such a fuss. Anyway. This gentleman can't cope and is betrayed by his speedo swimsuit, he is walking faster to get away, but when you are walking faster, you only get more attention ; )

3) " Price for inappropriate curiosity " :  Technically, it's the best one I think.  " Nineteen years old boy unable to say No " is a great picture, but the difference between a 'great' picture and an 'almost perfect one' is a few hours of working on skin tones and light, and generally I prefer to work on new pics rather than spend a week on a specific one. I really wanted a pool lifeguard looking mad at this boy. He was gazing at the beautiful girls, swimming under water thinking he would get unnoticed... But the worst happened. As the pool lifeguard says: " it's not a peep-show, it's a place to swim ! ". (Sorry this picture is not public, but some people gave to boost this place a bit (thank you!), so I feel I must always reward them)

Again, all naked models are eighteen or more (and this is also why they look so pathetic, eh). I'm still working on the cruelty of some women on men on wheelchairs. I have also one picture finished of a teen boy caught by his Mom with a " MILF " magazine. And some people urge me to go back to the medical retro field... so we'll see, maybe I'll release a batch with different things.

Anyway, hope you'll enjoy these ones !


Saturday, June 1, 2013

The imaginative pervy drawings (Scooby Doo, Tintin, Star Wars...)

A little parenthesis in this Blog. This genre can be simply wonderful, hail to the great artists !! I used to draw, but I think I'm better at making the images you know. Does anyone know who did this clever and very funny Scooby-Doo one? It's not even signed, he may be a "mainstream" illustrator who didn't want to be recognized. Or maybe you know more pictures he did? I'd like to credit him (or 'her' after all, isn't Barbara O'Toole the proof that women can be the best in these pervy-witty creations?).

I know, I know... no bunch of pictures from me in this update... I have made 2 great ones, but I need to finish a third one to post the usual public/private bunch. Be patient! Thank you.



Monday, May 27, 2013

Playing with MY rules

Beautiful Evilish look, isn't it? The pure joy to be in command and decide when and where it begins and stops.
For the lucky "VIPs" of this Blog, it comes with the pretty "Trapped forever" bonus :
Next bunch of pictures is almost done. Let's leave the cosiness of your house for the public areas of dozens of people witnessing your humiliation, if you agree. So the private pics will be at the beach and at the city's swimming pool, and I have yet to make one for non-VIPs, but I hope it will be done for next week-end.

Cheers !


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Who REALLY rules the couple ?

Another week-end... the Mother came to visit her daughter at coffee time... and she saw who really rules the couple !
The two other pictures are of higher definition : I've put the focus on faces, trying to capture the expression of deep shame and helplessness. It was quite interesting to do technically, and I think the result is very convincing.

Next update? I really don't know. My half-finished pictures are very different... we'll see !