Thursday, December 25, 2014

Medical part 13 ( CFNM )

Some hospital routine in the late 40s. 3 evening injections before being sent to bed. The proud young man was SO funilly embarrased the first night when the nurse on the left came to diaper him ! Somehow it peaked her colleagues' curiosity.

The two bonus private pictures : 
Draining the oversize balls is an experimental response to calm down these horny youngsters who have far too much hormones !

And the last one, Cleanliness and puberty, is not a proper medical one, but we are still in the field of hygiene and good practices. Since these horny boys can't help to do "this" alone several times a week, better teach them how to do it properly and clean afterward, once and for all !

Well, it was embarrassing and fun : )  Now I'm back finishing this serie about girls in trouble, it's been weeks I've been working on it dammit !

Merry Christmas, and thank you for your support, the last VIPs who has joined.
Cheers everyone !


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Retro CFNM

I'm working on various projects, but I happened to finish before the rest this nice couple of retro " Clothed Females Nude Male " pictures. Sweet eh? : ) The private picture is based on a strict Governess captured from an old movie. Her attitude inspired me. I like the idea of babysitters / Governesses who are in charge of a teen or young adult, with absolute, TOTAL control. 
This pic in full resolution is in your mailbox in a few minutes.

Allright, I'm done updating this Blog, I'm back working on other pervy projects : )
Hope you enjoy these as much as I do



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some like it (burning) hot

I often wander on the Spankosphere in search of inspiration, and my mate Red Rump is one of these original artists I like to visit. When he is not creating beautiful drawings, he posts these retro models of this era that screams domestic discipline. And it inspires me new kinky ideas indeed.

What is the name of this young model again? : ) I think she has potential, whether in the spanking genre or in a more mainstream kind of movies


Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Balls Pacifier (brings peace in your household!!)

The Balls Pacifier... the idea came with that old picture , a fan (J Wilkins, who often writes great texts for me) wanted to see more of this chastity concept : the ring around the balls that allows basic body functions, only the sperm cannot get out. Therefore after a few weeks the sperm accumulate and the balls get bigger, we'll call this the embarrassing " Cow's udder side-effect "... and it will certainly leads to another bunch of pictures.

The pictures for you VIPs are basically about this Balls Pacifier shown in public places, you know here we are always on our Holy Quest for the most terrible shame, that's the game. 
I really like the beach one, yesterday I gazed at it for 20 minutes maybe. Many of you have requested more like the Bossy Latino Mother at beach picture , and I wanted to see her back too. So, she is back, fortunately for us, but not so fortunately for this boy.
(also, I've added in the bunch the high quality version of that Woman on her four too, so that's 3 additional private pics you're going to receive for your collection)

Cheers !


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The SLAP - a personal souvenir of the dangerous 1980-90's years

This picture is a bit of a therapy for me : ) I'm speaking about a time when there was no Internet and just only one TV in the house.

Back in the 80s / 90s in France, every first Saturday of the month, at midnight sharp, CANAL + was broadcasting a porn movie. It was crypted like most programs (but you were sometimes so curious/excited that you would watch the very blurry porn movie with no sound anyway!), and if your parents had invested in the black box to watch this channel uncrypted... you had a little chance to access this fascinating adult world !
I remember how exciting and violent it looked to me. 
Actresses like Laure Sainclair were so beautiful, she was both the next-door-girl (she was born in a little city close to mine) and at the same time totally out of reach, doing things most boys in high school like me knew they would not have access before years.

It was very risky though... you had to set the TV recorder, manage to hide somewhere this big VHS tape, and the only way to watch it was on the only TV in the living room... I wonder how many of us had to endure the shame to be caught ! 

Soon !


Sunday, October 19, 2014

MEDIEVAL part 3 : Game of Thrones

Like you possibly, I'm hooked on this TV show. But sometimes my imagination runs wild and I regret the episode didn't show scenes I wanted to see. Like more shame for Sansa. Or, since the oedipal link between Lysa and Robert is implied, more of it. Or simply the pervy Joffrey Baratheon taking his Mother Cersei from behind... How bad is that? : ) I wanted to see it, so I did it. 

I like how the medieval-like setting allows more freedom and possibilities.

Next update? Probably back to the basics of this Blog



Monday, October 13, 2014

Real shame drawing session ( CFNM ) - Part 2

Phiew ! It's done !
Two high resolution pictures (600 and 900 Ko, they are actually larger than shown here), with a very high level of embarassment & fun inside.

This time I've decided these two pictures will be for the fans of this page only. So dear VIPs, check your mailbox : ) It's a very nice addition to your collection I think.



Friday, October 3, 2014

Real shame drawing session ( CFNM )

When it comes to drawing human nudity and facial expressions, there is NOT a million different ways to reach excellence : you need one genuine model. 
So if the facial expression of the week is « utter shame », you only need the real thing. 
The Art Teacher didn't invite a student who knew what it would truly be about : ) If HAS to be his worst nightmare, or it doesn't work. All this for the sake of art ONLY, of course ; )
You VIPs will receive this pretty bonus above when I'm done typing this. Similar as the public picture, with attached below the 3 pictures of his relatives who participated and drew their personal obscene / humorous vision of it.

Again, all these innocent models are 18, or sometimes even worse for them: they are older.

So yes, I'm back making pictures after a well deserved 3 weeks break.
Now that I'm back... I can't stop. I have more pictures in preparation on this " drawing session " theme, and I already have 4 pictures ready for my " Game of Thrones " set (this one may be private only, not sure yet). 

So you can let me know which new set you would prefer me to release next week.

Thank you all for being fans, cheers!!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Embarrassing news

Dear fans,

It's going to be very busy for me until the third week of September. And I haven't finished that Medieval "Game of Thrones" update yet! I should be punished for this. Well I have a few pictures already... but I'm not totally satisfied, and it's always quality over quantity here. 

So dear visitors be patient, scroll down the Blog for pictures you haven't really paid attention to, and you VIPs please have a second look to the pretty private collection you've been sent. I'll be around to send the pictures to those who want to become VIP, but nothing new until end of September I'm afraid.

Talk to you soon!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Barbara O'Toole NEW pictures, part THREE

Finally !!

The 3d bunch of fresh new pictures by Barbara O'Toole has arrived.

I love how the mothers and aunts look nice but SO next-door at the same time. For me this is what is really missing in most spanking websites, it always look plain fake or a bit fake and it lacks credibility. 
In one picture I also love how eye candy is the young Lady in her one-piece swimsuit. There is something special with these pretty young Ladies in one-piece swimsuit, I don't know... they look wiser, smarter, coming from good families, and the effect is strange when they are mocking someone like in a cruel scene like this (quite similar to the one I did months ago ). Mmm, difficult to explain. But we need more pretty Ladies in one-piece swimsuit here, I should work on this.

So for your collection :
" To purchase these 10 large image files, please email your request to this email address : b_o2l @ yahoo. com (lowercase letter O & lowercase letter L ).
We wish you a most enjoyable viewing experience.

Barbara & Chris "

And me? 
I'm working on the Medieval shame part 3, a special " Game of Thrones " update. Like Sansa in much trouble, the oedipal relation between Lysa Tully and Robert pushed a bit further, and Cersei maybe... we'll see. As usual, 1 public picture, the rest private.



Sunday, August 3, 2014

Medical part 12 ( + CFNM, and even more matriarchy )


" Now turn back and bend down ".
This is the most simple version of the picture for your pretty Tumblr wall, but I suggest everybody download first the version with the great text by J. Wilkins. 
Yes, it means that he saw the picture before you and the rest of the world, but after this read, I think you will agree with me that he plainly deserves it!

And this is the extras the VIPs will receive in their mailbox in a few minutes :

The unblurred versions are high quality pictures (more than 500Ko)
" Adequate punishment "
" Mom's panty drawer (caught crossdressing) "

And the second medical picture : " Hospital's Open Day for local schools "

Enjoy !


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Teasing the old virgins

“  The yearning, so human, so superhuman, of man to attain
to God, has always been a deep inscrutable mystery to me. 
I loved my body and did not want it to perish ; I loved my soul and did not want it to decay. 

A weak soul does not have the endurance to resist the flesh for very long. It grows heavy, becomes Flesh itself, and the contest ends. But among responsible men, men who keep their eyes riveted day and night upon the Supreme Duty, the conflict between flesh and spirit breaks out mercilessly and may last until death. 

My principal anguish and the source of all my joys and sorrows from my youth onward has been the incessant, merciless battle between the spirit and the flesh. 

And my soul is the arena where these two armies have clashed and met. ” 
Nikos Kazantzakis The Last Temptation Of Christ

This self-questioning and this soundtrack were mine when I was in my early twenties. The 21st Century and Internet anonymously allow me to express visually things that would be kept deep inside otherwise. I sometimes feel grateful for this technology, and think about all the lonely and more subtle people who lived before me, they could have found some relief and confidence in this way of expression. 
(and imagine all the kinky/deviant artworks these people would have created ; )


Sunday, June 29, 2014

The various torments of a man ( pain, humiliation, frustration and anguish )

Very unfortunate farmboy is self explanatory...

The retro CFNM picture is called Soap also washes away pride

The text below Summer agony is not mine, it's from a mate on the Net who wanted to express his anguish and souvenirs as a 24-years-old-skinny-pale-geek-and-still-virgin. I've made the picture that puts into light his secret torments.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The complete Barbara O'Toole's collection

Like die-hard stamp collectors (or soccer Panini stickers, in this period of World Cup), people want to make sure they own every pictures from the beautiful Barb's collection. 
Barb and her hubby have sent me something that will serve as a reference. Now you know what pictures you already own, and also which are the missing ones you will dream about before you fall asleep.

But it doesn't include the 2 new sets of pictures mentioned in this Blog weeks ago.

(and yes, I realize the last update was 3 weeks ago, I'm still working on some private material. From now on I'll have more time than the past 2 weeks )

EDIT: my new set will be ready sometimes this week-end, 1 public picture, 2 or 3 new pictures for VIPs  : )

Cheers !


Monday, June 2, 2014

Public shame and other families' stories

What are these blurred pictures above about? 
Because some VIPs have requested to me a picture like this old private CFNM one...
...I've just made The Appropriate punishment for a young lurker. Again, a 18 years old boy has acted immature, and as a result the furious mother forcefully depants her son in just a few seconds, so that he'll spend the rest of the afternoon naked like all the children on the beach : ) Time to build a sandcastle (and better hide inside).

Useless little bird is my sincere concern for handicapped people who totally depends on others. I've heard that some relatives tend to "angelify" the person born disabled and deny his sexuality. This is not my text, but it perfectly fits with what I had in mind when I've made this picture :

« My poor cousin... you sure can't help having "little accidents" 
whenever we bathe you. Or is it because we can see your peepee? 
You probably don't mean it but it's so cute thought! I really felt 
sad when Aunty explained that your little bird would probably 
never get to feel a pussy. You might as well take a vow of chastity 
and save it for God cause you'll stay a virgin forever. But look at 
the bright side of it, you'll always have someone to take care 
of you. Comme on now! Stop fussing and show us your other 
ear so we can get you all cleaned up for bedtime ».
So enjoy this new bunch of pictures...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shame of the very first spanking on the bare

We are still on our odyssey to capture the perfect second of intense shame in the frame of a picture. Like... a 18 or 19 years old Lady about to receive her first ever picture on the bare! Her parents had decided to leave the house to let her celebrate her birthday, the party went out of control (see Katy Perry's video "Last Friday Night" for example, or just look in your own stories, I know you are not the angel you pretend to be). As a consequence her parents are so upset and disappointed by her immaturity they decide to teach her a lesson like a child. And that day becomes a benchmark indeed! 
The blurred pictures are Discipline is back, and the Pouty sisters. Do I really need to explain more?

VIPs people, check your mailbox, these unfortunate Ladies are waiting for you. 
Next update will come round sooner than this one did, just because most pictures are already done. Boys may feel sorry this time.
Enjoy !

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Barbara O'Toole NEW pictures - Part II

Well, I was taught a lesson.
My bum is still white, but my pervy / artistic honour is damaged. 

The 10 new pieces are unique and wonderful. I'm only allowed to show you the thumbnail, but most are only small details of elaborated scenes with many more characters, in the most dreadful context (but still made with these sweet and so typical Barb's colours).
Public spanking, forced diapering, CFNM, medical... a nightmare... so beautiful to gaze at.

And it's for a good cause, as explained once here for the first exclusive batch.

So if you are a true collectionneur, I suggest you pin these 10 beautiful pink butterflies of erotism and shame (and frame them).

(and me, I just need to humbly go back to work)


" Barbara and I are pleased to present ten new pieces of Barb's art. We wish to thank all of the marvelous viewers for their generous purchases of her previous portfolio.

To purchase these 10 large image files, please email your request to this email address : b_o2l @ yahoo. com (lowercase letter O & lowercase letter L ).

The minimum fee for the 10 new pieces is $25. Any larger contributions will be greatly appreciated. Once we have received your requests for purchase, we will direct you to the payment process.

We wish you a most enjoyable viewing experience.


Barbara & Chris "

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I was tempted to name this scene " The Terrible Towel ", in case there are a few Pittsburgh Steelers fans among you. 

But instead I named it " Stripped ", which may please the Depeche Mode fans. 
( The chorus says metaphorically " Let me see you stripped down to the booone... " )

Sunday, April 13, 2014



If you follow this Blog, you already know The neighbour's daughter - 1969 -, but you didn't know the story behind it ! Fortunately J. Wilkins was around and can pass on the memory

You'll also find in your mailbox The Siren and the desperate 24 years old virgin , a modern tale you will witness a lot on your seaside this summer, if you pay attention.

Have you seen in the women's press the offer for the book " Back to the basics "  updated with chapers " no more warnings " and " in public " ? I have included the best customer review, with an excerpt of the said chapter " in public ". So helpful, no wonder it's a besteller.

The last picture, One tough decision, is in the private bunch because you know Embarrassing & Fun has values, therefore we don't want to show frontal nude to the most sensible people. It is the smallest willy in the campus, maybe the smallest willy in the world, but it still count as a penis somehow. For the Lady it's hard not to run away laughing hysterically indeed.

I'm already working on the 2 next updates, which could be very different. Right now I'm inbeween a come-back to Medieval, and some tourists in trouble in Africa... we'll see !

Cheers !


Friday, March 14, 2014

Paris 1901, Nirvana 1991, lonely students in 2014, and other very embarrassing pictures !

This is a New servant (Paris 1901). Coming from the province, which meant everywhere in France but Paris, and trying hard to find her path in the big city. Evidemment, the price to be kept as servant was to strictly follow the rules of the House.

And below is a very embarrassing scene in a Student room these days. 

The High Quality picture of the week, 1991 : Smells like teen spirit in diaper is another example of "forced regression kills rebellion". It was surely inspired by this remarkable piece of art by Barbara O'Toole (you want her latest artworks? Scoll down this page).
 And the last bonus for your collection is Spoiled sisters got their feet back on the ground.

Enjoy !


Friday, March 7, 2014

When the pictures talk to you

Some talented people are following my Blog. They really understand what my pictures are about, and when they write the story about their favourite pictures, it's " a bit " better than my broken English.
I've already upgraded one picture in the past like that ( I suspect it was Harriet's Marwood's daughter ), now enjoy J. Wilkins' witty pervy style.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shame, pain, sometimes both (Ladies in trouble with other Ladies)

Tonight she will also punish a second Lady. But she will take ALL her time to choose her !!

The problem when you are focusing on something intense... you will not hear the front door and the steps...

It comes with 2 private HQ colour picture

Enjoy !


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Passing the flame to the next generation (and other embarrassing scenes)

How comforting to check that her niece is the one who has ABSOLUTE CONTROL in her couple, and pass her some practical tips !!
Again in this Blog, let's go back in time. Are these sisters in law VERY bossy, or just plain sadistic ? A week-end when the parents are away may help to see clearer.
For your collection, I have added the Old couple of lesbians, which is the following of Life starts at 65 . This time, this unfortunate nineteen years old will have no choice buy satisfy this pervy couple for the whole summer !
The high quality colour picture this month is the Scary waiting room. It's a return to the medical genre, and it's a return to women in trouble. Which is a good transition to the next set of pictures, which will be F/f only as requested by a VIP. 2 pictures are already done, so something may come out at the end of this week-end.

Enjoy !


Monday, January 20, 2014

The swim teacher ( + another CFNM / spanking scene)

The second picture for your collection is A busy park :  
" Uh - Oh... Looks like someone has seriously upset his mother here !! "

CFNM, utter embarrasment, spanking, characters in the background who would fit in a Barb O'Toole's cartoon... after the Medieval parenthesis of last week, this Blog is back to its basics !



Monday, January 13, 2014

Medieval public shame - part 2

So this is another parenthesis in this Blog, quite different from what you usually find here. But here again, I focus on shame, feelings, facial expressions. I don't like the hardcore torture pictures, I don't like death penalty at all, so once again I'm creating what I can't find anywhere.
You think my saddle with 2 phallus is fictional? It's not. Here you can find examples from Medieval China !


I've also seen this in a weird sadistic Hong Kong movie. And since the HBO series are more daring every year, who knows if you won't see it in the next season of Game of Thrones ?
High Horse: from her horse she used to mock the peasants working for her father in the fields. Now this is a different horse made of wood, and it's time for her to sing out loud their revolutionary songs !
Rivalry: this is what happens when the Queen hears the rumour that you've been trying to seduce the King when she was away. From her balcony she'll have the pleasure to watch you being sodomized by a donkey! Maybe the real shame is that pop-corn didn't exist yet.