Saturday, December 29, 2012

Awkward moments in 1951 (Medical part 4)

After the War came the time of ambitious medical campaigns at large scale to evaluate and protect the youth. 

As you can see above, it wasn't necessary pleasant memories. The medical authority could keep you as long as they wanted to protect your health and the society against potential contagious diseases. The most simple way to make sure one would not leave without permission was obviously to keep his clothes away.
So if you didn't want to be kept a few days, you knew you had to be very obedient, just in case the staff was in a bad mood...

Boys in the 18-24 years old range were all examinated if they had applied for University (pictures below that I'll send to you dear VIP readers). For some boys in the 1950s, the very first medical visit also meant the very first direct contact with the opposite gender, which of course led to very awkward accidents... 

EDIT : I've posted in the comments section a story from " Buck Naked ", it puts well into words what is happening in these pictures and the atmosphere in these 1950s : )
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Standing against depravity !! Part 2

Last week we have discussed the danger represented by these new half-naked indecent "Pop-stars"corrupting our society.
I told you I would give you some examples of responsible persons who don't get fool by the new face of Evil!

As we demonstrated many times here, the vast majority of eighteen years old boys, like the one above, don't have enough psychological maturity to cope with the sexual act with an adult woman anyway
But their hormones are often fooling them a second time by making them believe they can physically do it. This “pop-star” below is suggesting an indecent “from behind” position, and some boys may dream to be initiated by this tall, strong Woman. As we know, they fail to realize it's way more complicated in practice... ; )
Their teenage bodies are often too short and much to weak yet to do the “thing” properly... even in this position, how many pillows would most of them need to be same level? As pathetic as a mosquito trying to penetrate a siren... Jokes apart, protecting them from such disillusions is another reason – as if more was needed – to keep them away a few more years from this adult thing!
So to all VIP readers, these are examples of the right authority applied, it's in your mailbox for your personal collection within minutes. (Before I'm asked again what is a VIP, please go there. And yes you'll get more than twenty new pictures)
I may do an update to focus on the specific danger of "Korean pop idols", and I think the subject will be covered. But I guess from now I'm back on these black & white medical scenes, "cfnm" style. So if we don't discuss until then, happy new year you all !! : )

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Standing against depravity !

The year is ending, and my initial idea was to post something to underline the positive pictures and testimonies which appeared month after month in this Blog, in our fight for virtue. But unfortunately, sometimes it just looks like when you cut an Hydra head, another one appears in another place.

Half-naked Pop-stars: when the Evil takes a new mask !

So now these modern Pop-stars have the right to pervert young minds and we are just supposed to sit back? Everything is permitted just for the sake of winning market shares?
Obscenity is a kind of mind pollution and a social problem affecting the society at large.

This society could do well with a tiny bit more of morality!
While some youngsters know very well they are not allowed to have indecent pictures in their room and computer, they try to circumvent the ban with this new form of porn.
 In addition, our values are now tested with a new invasion of “Korean pop” and “J-Pop”. Why do you think our boys watch these musical videos and keep these pictures in their computers? Surely it's a new passion for music? Right...
Remember: “you must exercise authority, or the Devil will wreak havoc in your life and household”. Some persons supposedly in authority will get fooled, but some will not fortunately.

So soon I'll send to the mailbox of VIP readers of this Blog some examples of persons in authority who haven't gotten fooled. Some boys feel very, very sorry for falling into this!

Keep an eye open!

And I wish you all good luck in your preparations for Christmas!! : )

Monday, December 10, 2012

The medical visit, part 3

I believe the hospital is a theater full of awkward situations.

It's not only about this unfortunate nineteen-years old boy who is trying to look brave after his mother "convinced" him to cooperate...
It's the place where you must undress if front ot total strangers, show your intimate parts, discuss about intimate things... maybe you hated these moments too?
And believe me... once they are drinking in a pub, some nurses and Doctors are not exactly low-keyed with your stories ! : /

Hourrah! This week-end I've found a big virtual shoebox of hospital archive HQ pictures. So expect more about these moments, the medical visits at school, enemas like in the picture below...

So for the VIP readers, here are the pics you should get unblurred in 20 minutes in your mailbox. I have joined in this medical bunch another one : some unhappy parents teach their new babysitter how to change diapers properly. These damned students fake their resume and can't do the job  !!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's forced regression day

" A new address to leave your nineteen-years-old-rebel for the afternoon while you go shopping ! A little chat with our qualified staff at the entrance, and you can be assured you'll find a very obedient boy when you'll come back. Goodbye stress !! "

This is the Nannies With Fair Discipline franchise who already proposed to visit your home here . Such a success that they have now opened a day nursery down the street. Very convenient !

The " Forced bath in summer house " picture is a bonus for my VIP readers who stopped by there . It's in you mailbox in 2 minutes, so you should have 18 exclusive pics now. I think that one will be among your fave in your collection.
I must say I'm very happy with it. But if it is not to your liking, I'm open to suggestions !

Have a nice week-end everyone.