Sunday, November 1, 2020

"... beautiful, but extremely embarrassing " (spanking, CFNM)


The precious cousin from the big city : is what it is.
Domestic Discipline Demonstration : is somewhat darker 

The private pictures for VIPs (it's in your mailbox today) :

La Bourgeoise : is an insight in a French traditional family 
STOP sperm : is a radical an efficient way to find peace in the household
Stolen : at public swimming pool, is my new personal interpretation of Barbara's picture , the second left from top, if you own the original one already, lucky you  
If only Mother was less attractive : is a beautiful/but extremely embarrassing situation (and now I've found title of this new entry in the Blog ; )
Rush hour : is the horrible situation of boys waiting to be called by the nurse 
Another kind of lockdown : is " Rush Hour " pushed further, and the return of the good old Balls Pacifier

I hope these pictures will speak to you, and make you forget the world outside like it does to me. 
Take care : )