Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some like it (burning) hot

I often wander on the Spankosphere in search of inspiration, and my mate Red Rump is one of these original artists I like to visit. When he is not creating beautiful drawings, he posts these retro models of this era that screams domestic discipline. And it inspires me new kinky ideas indeed.

What is the name of this young model again? : ) I think she has potential, whether in the spanking genre or in a more mainstream kind of movies


Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Balls Pacifier (brings peace in your household!!)

The Balls Pacifier... the idea came with that old picture , a fan (J Wilkins, who often writes great texts for me) wanted to see more of this chastity concept : the ring around the balls that allows basic body functions, only the sperm cannot get out. Therefore after a few weeks the sperm accumulate and the balls get bigger, we'll call this the embarrassing " Cow's udder side-effect "... and it will certainly leads to another bunch of pictures.

The pictures for you VIPs are basically about this Balls Pacifier shown in public places, you know here we are always on our Holy Quest for the most terrible shame, that's the game. 
I really like the beach one, yesterday I gazed at it for 20 minutes maybe. Many of you have requested more like the Bossy Latino Mother at beach picture , and I wanted to see her back too. So, she is back, fortunately for us, but not so fortunately for this boy.
(also, I've added in the bunch the high quality version of that Woman on her four too, so that's 3 additional private pics you're going to receive for your collection)

Cheers !


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The SLAP - a personal souvenir of the dangerous 1980-90's years

This picture is a bit of a therapy for me : ) I'm speaking about a time when there was no Internet and just only one TV in the house.

Back in the 80s / 90s in France, every first Saturday of the month, at midnight sharp, CANAL + was broadcasting a porn movie. It was crypted like most programs (but you were sometimes so curious/excited that you would watch the very blurry porn movie with no sound anyway!), and if your parents had invested in the black box to watch this channel uncrypted... you had a little chance to access this fascinating adult world !
I remember how exciting and violent it looked to me. 
Actresses like Laure Sainclair were so beautiful, she was both the next-door-girl (she was born in a little city close to mine) and at the same time totally out of reach, doing things most boys in high school like me knew they would not have access before years.

It was very risky though... you had to set the TV recorder, manage to hide somewhere this big VHS tape, and the only way to watch it was on the only TV in the living room... I wonder how many of us had to endure the shame to be caught ! 

Soon !