Friday, April 26, 2013

The neighbour's daughter, and other Ladies facing a difficult situation

A 1969 picture, another one happening in 2013, and a timeless one. All about girls, and the path of thorns - life sometimes is to reach another stage.

I may add that naked models are at least eighteen, and my time machine doesn't risk to change the curse of the universe!

I had a request to make the modern version of " Getting the Compulsory Certificate of Virginity CCV - 1 " (remember? The old one is here ).
And the third picture is named " The little house on the prairie ".

Next update: boys facing much trouble. Sometimes at the beach, because summer is getting closer here !

Enjoy !


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Very anxious waiting (Medical part 6) + Bonus

Balls treatment. Because this Blog leaves open every rooms of the hospital for you : )
For VIPs I'm going to send the full pic, and a nice bonus for your collection 

Have a nice week-end,


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Picking the painful one... (and an utopia!)

Your comments do matter !
You are commenting because of the pictures, but it works the other way round : your comments (even if I don't always reply, sorry) have an influence on the next scenes of life I'm creating : )

I have in mind an utopia, with a little less big boys. Violence, wars, fanaticism, disrespect... do you think all these machos would act like this if at 19 they had their underpants put down to the ankles, and had received a spanking to be put back at their place ?


It's not a proper update, I have about 12 different pictures finished or almost finished (hourrah! Creative days) and I just don't know what kind of bunch to release next.

As usual now : 1 public for our beautiful spanking community, 1 or 2 privates to reward the list of donators.

Females, males, cfnm, retro, modern, spanking, forced regression, medical... let me know what you'd like to see most this week-end.



Friday, April 5, 2013

New HQ (very) embarrassing pictures !

- The huge picnic picture is called “ Mommy knows best ”. Phieeew! It took most of my last Sunday to make it, but I think it was worthy. HQ in colour, 1 260 Ko, and I'm not sure there is one single pixel wrong! Could well be my chef-d'oeuvre this year. So for the fans of this blog who are into this “ CFNM ” genre, the de-blurred version in your mailbox after I'm done typing this, enjoy.
- Another picture is called “ Window cleaning ” , because after all this work making these pictures, I'm just not inspired naming them.

- And the the third one is “ I said, legs up. ”

Next update? Not sure yet. Possibly retro medical.
Have a nice week-end : )


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The old French mail order catalogues

A little parenthesis to relate my (our?) 1980s and 1990s. If at least one of your parents was a teacher, twice a year your home would receive a huge mail-order “Camif” catalogue.

Why a teacher? I guess it was specific to France only and its welfare state. After WWII young teachers had a specific catalogue with all the high quality pieces of furnitures and clothes that would last long, at a reasonable price, supposedly to help them settle and start a new life in a new town.
Actually I think it never occured to me at that time, that the teachers I had in front of me at high school were probably dressed with all this material!
So at the beginning of Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter, this huge 1000 pages thing was in the mailbox. Of course the 30 pages about swimwear and the 30 pages about lingerie were burning my trembling fingers. I would keep the catalogue in my room, pretending to look at the new pretty stereo systems to listen my New-wave records (which was true, but it was not the only pages I was gazing at ; ) Truth is, these adult Ladies in lingerie looked even more out of reach that the most sophisticated stereo system I could dream of.
 At a time when there was no Internet, these women were the most daring thing you could find, and the only illustration of what their body looks like (because facing the local newsagent to buy more explicit stuff was hardly an option). As tame as it may look now, I remember the excitement when gazing at this secret world, and the feeling of guiltiness that followed.

It might explain why you almost never find a front nude picture of a woman in this Blog (actually I think there will be one in next update, but that is an exception). Also, you can understand how some artworks actually echoes my past :
(from one of my sets for VIPs)

The parenthesis ends here. Next update is already done! (I will post it Friday?) I don't think it will disappoint : ) One picture in the lot is clearly one the best I've ever done technically.