Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some news from Embarrassing Land

Tadaaa!! The new update

Thank you to the (ever growing number of) VIPs. For you it comes with 3 bonus private pictures this time.
- I had requests for more (forced) CFNM at swimming pool. Here it is!
- I wanted to recreate the aesthetics of early 1970s pictures, and holidays. Something "warm". (and CFNM, and very humiliating again)
- the last picture... I just tried to imagine the worst shame possible happening in a household, ever. With the help of J. Wilkins again to find the words that fit with the... situation. You'll tell me if it's spot-on. 

Until next update,
Good luck facing the cold winter,

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This week-end, we'll see how much it costs to own such a wrong magazine. 
In the context of this town and these right people
At some point you have to make a public example, or the virus from the outside world may hit all our young boys in town!!