Friday, March 15, 2013

Retro hospital, retro housewife, retro school

If like me, you have people who work at hospital as friends, or if you are a nurse or Doctor yourself, you know this is a pretty common case unfortunately...
So, for once this is a serious warning if you are a desperate/virgin boy who reads this Blog, do NOT try this at home! Some vacuum cleaners actually have blades and it can really hurt. Enjoy this picture if it is your kink, but it should not inspire you to try such foolish things.

(yes, I feel concern these pages do more good than bad to you!)

Do I really need to explain what this picture called " the Old School way " is about? This blog has many interesting testimonies about these old days in the comments sections.
I've added one desperate housewife in action too, because I know many of us have fantasized about this ; )

For the fans of this Blog, it's in your mailbox once I've finished this entry.

Next update ? I still have this damned "Waiting for her turn - Part 2 " to finish, but I got distracted doing this interesting lot of retro pics !

Cheers ! 



  1. Silly kid should have just used the hose with an adapter all vaselined up like I did when I was young. Mine was a hair lotion bottle just the right size and what great suction. Only did it once though ...

    1. Ha! I did one artwork with a boy stuck in an hair lotion bottle, a mom and a nurse, but I just don't think it's as nice as this retro one...

  2. loving the new art. they are great. had to bing a buddy of mine to the hospital when he zipped his penis into his fly. the nurse that was checking him in called a couple of other nurses to see if they had any idea how to remove him from the zipper without damaging the zipper I think. i could hear him yelling from the awaiting room.

    1. That reminds me a scene in " There's Something About Mary "...

  3. WOW, without doubt, teen boys in their experiments can by dangerous for themselwes. Sometimes, even smart enough boy makes fool acts. It's "hormones time"...
    My lads are 15 and 17, I understand problems.
    Usual mom

  4. On Saturday afternoon my drunk 18 year old cousin wanted to show off at the pool, so he stuck his penis in to the mouth part of one of those pool vacuum cleaner things.
    The suction was so strong that he could not get his penis out again until someone had the common sense to cut the power.
    His penis is still swollen and bruised and is turning a dark blue or rather black color from the glans toward the shaft.
    The poor kid can hardly pee, and has blood in his urine.
    Do you think this is just a REALLY bad bruise, or should we get him to the hospital E. R? If so, what do you think they can do for him? He himself refuses from E.R. and tells he is better but his penis looks horrible.
    Thank you, Lena

    1. I've heard before about someone being stuck this way in the pool vacuum cleaner.
      If this is a serious post, who I am to tell you how bad is penis is? He should see a Doctor, most are used with these "accidents"

  5. I look at your blog quite often. My opinion is it's dam good but frustrating because most of your excellent work is half covered you must have a reason can i ask WHY.

  6. Thank you! : )
    As explained in various places of this Blog, I wanted to find a way to reward the people who made a donation. So I started making extra pictures for them, they get them by mail and they remain private.
    Sorry if it is that frustrating. But if you are not a donator, remember I'll also keep posting free pictures for everyone to enjoy : )

  7. I love your artwork that shows naked males on full display before a crowd of females