Saturday, May 25, 2013

Who REALLY rules the couple ?

Another week-end... the Mother came to visit her daughter at coffee time... and she saw who really rules the couple !
The two other pictures are of higher definition : I've put the focus on faces, trying to capture the expression of deep shame and helplessness. It was quite interesting to do technically, and I think the result is very convincing.

Next update? I really don't know. My half-finished pictures are very different... we'll see !




  1. more gret art. thanks Alex. your blog is one of my favorites and i appreciate the special art you send to me. Thank you.

    1. Glad you appreciate all the pictures!
      Thank you

  2. My mother-in-law and my wife both spanked me. It happened after I came home from work just a little late because I stopped off at the pub for a couple of pints and watched the end of the football game.

    When I came in, my wife was in the kitchen and she said something about me being late.We both are 18 and married 2 month ago because she is pregnant. I made some flip smart-aleck remark then passed through into the family room to watch tv. My mother-in-law was standing in there and said "Did I just hear what you said correctly?". Then she took my arm and marched me back into the kitchen and announced that it was time for my wife to set the tone in our marriage.

    They both sat down on kitchen chairs facing each other so that their knees met in the middle, and they had me stand in between their legs like that. They dropped my pants around my ankles and then each one locked one of my legs between her thighs, and bent me over. Each one also grabbed one of my wrists behind my back. Since I was bent over their legs with both my legs locked between their thighs and both my wrists held behind my back, I was completely immobilized.

    Then it began with scolding, and my mother-in-law said "we know how to break your male arrogance, yes we do" and my wife joined in scolding too. As the scolding continued the spanking began. My mother-in-law told my wife to spank harder and demonstrated it. Soon, each one was spanking the cheek closest to her, alternating back and forth in quick succession. As they spanked harder and harder, almost like they were competing against each other, my yelling to stop dissolved into sobbing as the tears began to flow. But my mother-in-law said that a good spanking has not begun until the tears start.

    When they finally finished and stood me up, I was a helpless blubbering mess. Before they released my legs from their thighs, they made me promise to accept that whatever I did outside at work, the women of the family and especially my wife were in charge at home.

    My mother-in-law said that I could run to my Mum if I wanted to, but warned that it might backfire in unpredictable ways. They made me stand facing the corner of the kitchen for a pretty long time, naked with my red butt-cheeks, while they continued chatting about what boys and men need to keep them devoted and in line.

    When I told my Mom all she said was that she had become quite close with my wife and her mother and that they agree on many things. She also said it was embarassing to her personally that one of her sons should need to be spanked by any woman, and maybe she didn't spank me enough when I was her boy. She told me that I should watch my step and never underestimate my wife's ability to bring me in line. The way she talked I thought maybe she might end up spanking me too, but she didn't, at least not then.

    I managed to avoid further trouble for three or four weeks, but after I smarted off to my wife about some little thing again, I knew I would be in trouble again. When I came home the next day, all three of them were there this time (my Mum, my wife and my mother-in-law), and the way they looked at me, I knew what was coming.

  3. Fantastic artwork!
    I love art where the wife is in charge and the husband is an obedient househusband who waits on her [and her female friends] hand and foot and does all of the housework