Thursday, November 7, 2013

The OUTRAGEOUS picture (and a little visit in the countryside)

The outrageous picture found under his bed. 
Why is it so difficult to follow clear and simples rules? Respect yourself and your family?
If it is forbidden surely there must be a reason? 
These shocking pictures are too much for a young soul.
But when you hear the drawer squeaking, it's like the door of Redemption is opening!


The bonus picture for VIPs, " The environmental engineer is a b*tch ! ", was a bit too hardcore for the spirit of this Blog I think. So maybe it's better as a private pic anyway!
John Locke said : " man is a wolf to his fellow man ". What about women? I say woman is a wolf to her fellow woman... but with even sharper teeth when it comes to rivalry and  revenge! Like with this sophisticated environmental engineer. She had been in town for only 3 months, but enough to steal the ONLY handsome man, the one the other farm girls had a frustrating crush on for YEARS. How rude is that? So before she flies away with him forever, let's give her an unforgettable souvenir from the countryside...

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  1. Has anyone purchased pics from this blog?