Sunday, June 29, 2014

The various torments of a man ( pain, humiliation, frustration and anguish )

Very unfortunate farmboy is self explanatory...

The retro CFNM picture is called Soap also washes away pride

The text below Summer agony is not mine, it's from a mate on the Net who wanted to express his anguish and souvenirs as a 24-years-old-skinny-pale-geek-and-still-virgin. I've made the picture that puts into light his secret torments.


  1. You got it right, finally, once I've been spanked, I facing the wall, hands on head, displaying my very spanked bottom. This is a part of the punishment, no matter if someone drops by, I stay until told to leave. The worse part of the punishment.

  2. I love the top one! I love the CFNM aspect.And the triumpnant look in her eyes

  3. yes uou are right i was also spranked for disturbing my small sister . my mother pulled my penis and it became huge then she majes me dit in poty position . then have to urinate afrer spanking