Sunday, January 5, 2014

Retro medical part 11 ( + CFNM, and even more matriarchy )

Again, if you have friends who are nurses or Doctors, you have heard so many stories of people who pretend it was an accident...
Family Camp : In some cheesy summer songs they sing that « first times » are forever. Well, for others, humiliation can be so sudden, unexpected and violent it is «  forever » too ! So was it for Charles, the shy eighteen years old nerd with a weak body. After one day trying to make new friends around his age, it looks like he doesn't belong to the adult pool after all, but to the shallow one next to it where they are all naked. Actually, it will appear that for the next two months he is not registered to any adult activities in the camp.
La froide colère : you told me you enjoyed this 
no-nonsense casual French mother
so here is another one.


  1. Alex, I love the retro medical picture. The description of the scene reminded me of something I once read in a book by Masters and Johnson, the sex researchers. It my provide fodder for a future photo.

    In the book the doctors relayed that during their research and more specifically when couples were having sexual problems there were a number of techniques utilized to determine the "sexual fitness" of the male partner. The one I was reminded of is that during a male's evaluation the doctors would have a very attractive female doctor associate give him a thorough physical exam. Remember, this was the 60's. The objective was to see if he became stimulated during the exam. Just as a note of information, it was reported that many males became at least somewhat turned on during the rectal exam when the doctor was checking the prostate.

    So here is the follow-up to the photo description.

    After speaking with the teenager the doctor calls his mother into her office. The doctor explains that after the exam of and follow-up discussion with her son it is still too early to make a diagnosis . She explains that it was by design that he was made to be naked in front of the three of them and placed in an utterly humiliating position on the exam table. To be blunt, we wanted to see if while poking and probing his most private parts he would become stimulated. It was somewhat of a long shot given the discomfort he was in and the fact you were present. What I would like you to do is for you to bring him back to the clinic in about 3 weeks. This will give him time to heal. At that time I'm going to have one of our young and attractive female doctors give him an exam that, quite frankly, he will remember for the rest of his life. You look distressed. There's no need to worry. These doctors are professional. And you will have to admit given the situation it will be good for him, and a rather sobering experience, to be examined by and totally controlled by a female just a few years older that him. Look, I've done this before. And although it is a humiliating ordeal for a teenage boy, he comes out all the better. Plus, we will be able to determine if additional professional help is warranted.

    1. Interesting. If you find the link to that Masters and Johnson's page, it's even better.

      I won't be able to picture the next scene with the exact same models. But I have in mind an embarrassing examination to make sure of the sexual orientation of the youngster, indeed.

      Next time, please sign your message : )