Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some news from the Spankosphere (Julie)

I am not alone in the Spankosphere. There is of course Barbara and her wonderful pictures. There are also a few passionated people keeping a Blog (all linked on the right) who are my companions on this bittersweet oddssey.

For example, Julie is the Canadian woman with an incredible imagination when it comes to tourment her hubby. Sometimes I feel my imagination is over-pervy, and when I read her articles I think "ah ok, I'm not alone" then : )
Well it looks like it's finally TIME TO PAY BACK FOR HER
As she will be paddled tomorrow!
That's Julie's bum before

Very soon we'll see it after
Thrilling eh?
(something similar may very well happen to me in London next month, I'm scared too)

On a different note, still working on the new update, it looks pretty much like it will be a "retro medical cfnm" one : )

So when you think I'm slow uploading new creations here, just read my friend's pervy adventures, and time will go faster : )


  1. Oh non! pas mon cul nu à nouveau!

  2. I can't wait for your "retro medical cfnm" update! And in a future update you can use the idea I suggested involving the fact in that America between at least the 1920's to as late as the 1970's (and in some places as late as the 1980's!) boys were required to swim completely nude at YMCA's, junior high schools, high schools, and colleges! And sometimes the boys mother's, sisters, and female classmates were in the audience during their swimming class! And sometimes the boys had a substitute female swimming instructor! Link related: (scroll down towards the bottom of the page!)

    1. ^this is a great idea, and it fits in well with Alex's awesome beach CFNM work :D

  3. Been following Julie's "adventures" and I must say I find them quite compelling, as well as titillating. I really like how she has embraced the "bottoming" or "subbie" philosophy, as well as the pics she's displayed of her VERY attractive ass...

    1. I'm impressed by the size of her blog entries, and the fact that she answers every comments. She is truly dedicated to her kinks! : )