Wednesday, June 14, 2017

About the upcoming pictures by Barb O'Toole, and mine

I was just about to post my update (I know, it's been a while again), but Barb O'Toole was a bit quicker than me! So I'll post her amazing update here this week-end (portfolio number 11), and mine the week after!

My update is inspired by these hot summer days suddenly hitting the beautiful beaches where I live.
The souvenir of a well-mannered old boy going to the beach with his Mother. Kind of humiliating when there is a group of teenagers beside. The out-of-reach women all around, Ladies who will soon fade away, just like the precious day / summer you can't retain and will be lost forever.

It was a deep, deep anguish of the life passing me by, the fear of dying someday without having kissed a girl. As the years passed, sometimes it really felt like being burried alive. This song and video by Peter Gabriel was the closest to my feelings, nature eating you and you disappear forever.

So my pictures in a few days will be about that. Showing extreme frustration and CFNM at the beach / pool is my way to express it. So at least my agony turned out to something good for you : )

But before, don't miss the teaser of the superb new collection of Barb's pictures here. There are some very good new ideas, and also the classics I love. Come back tomorrow or the day after : )

Cheers !!



  1. Hey Alex! I just ordered Barb's new pictures and my favorites are: The Boyfriend, Girl Talk, Summer Afternoon, The Culprit, Pow!, and The Anderson Family. And out of these six I think The Culprit is my favorite!

    1. The Culprit really? Not my fave, even if the attitude and retro appearence of the women is great.
      "Girls talk" must be my fave, such a nice choice of characters... great casting, and horrible situation

    2. To be honest I had a hard time choosing between it, Summer Afternoon, Girl Talk, and the Anderson Family. I think the reason I picked The Culprit is because it featured red bottomed boy wearing nothing but his socks(after getting his comeuppance for what he wrote on the board)standing in a small room full of 7 prim and proper middle aged women. Anyway I can't wait for your update!

  2. Been hot here as well so hope you get some good time on the beach. Look forward to your pictures of frustration

    1. I feel the pressure now... I just hope they wont frustrate you : )
      Bah, you know my art now, I think the quality tends to be the same