Sunday, November 18, 2018

Barbara O'Toole : NEW Portfolio 17 (spanking, CFNM...)

The opportunity has come again to support her unique work and add these 10 beautiful/embarrassing scenes of family life to you collection!!

 ( I love how strong the mother looks on " But I can explain ". You can imagine that the boy spanked outside had no realistic chance to escape. I shall remember that for my future creations!! )

To make a donation and add these 10 new great pieces to your collection, just write directly to her :  
b_o2l AT yahoo com




  1. I am a fan and on her direct mailing list and I bought this set.
    As usual, TERRIFIC.

  2. Thanks for posting these sets of Barb's great work.
    I think the top-right and bottom-right stand out for me due to the expressions of abject pain and humiliation on the naughty boys' faces!

    1. I agree for bottom right, love the severe look of the spanker as well

  3. 3rd picture down on left. I learned that mother/daughter bond is strong. I was being spanked when my mother-in-law dropped by. My wife hand was warming and stinging my bottom. Her mother left the room came back with a hairbrush. Use this, save your hand and about time you took my advise and learn that spankings do wonder. I looked at my mother-in-law and she said one word young man and you will be over my lap, understand, yes mam. Jack

  4. Top right 3rd down left look like the same Woman. She is spanking either Her husband or brother in the first and her father in the other. Femsup

  5. My favorites are top right(I wish I had a tutor like that), and fourth down on the left and right(I love the smirks and laughter of the women in both).

  6. Oh hell! Got to be fourth down on left. Totally stripped off for the fitting for the church pageant. Totally, humiliatingly revealed to them all- to the girl up the street, her Mom, to his own mother seeing him naked for the first time in five years! Oh hell!

  7. What’s the email address to purchase?