Wednesday, February 24, 2021

NEW Barbara O'Tool's pictures #25


I was wondering if this time, my update would be ready before Barbara's. And guess what? Someone again worked better !

I love " Before the concert ", because I can see myself in this picture. I remember the excitment of dressing up before my very first concert. Rock music is often a passover ritual, an act of faith to escape from Mom's hands. It is ironic and very cruel that Mom's hands were that close to him at this very moment. 

But my favorite this time may be   " Mosquito Bites " .  Somehow Barb's picture reminds me of mine :   The Ice Cream Disaster (sorry it is a private picture, but I've let John Wilkins' text public, so you get the idea). 
In general, I think the scenes happening in a park are among the best, either her pictures or mine. Public embarrasment really means something there. It's a familiar and quiet area, with people from your own family to perfect strangers, and inbetween there are people you half-know and may see again someday. And you are just not sure what is worse... 

What's yours? Feel free to comment below 

And as usual, if you are wondering how to add these 10 new pieces full quality/size to your collection, just write directly to her :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

Enjoy Spring coming up!! : )




  1. Top left jumps out for me, a nice red bottom and a nice expression of anguish on the naughty boy's face!

  2. Top right, when my mother-in-law gave me a spanking. My wife watched with approval. Her mother had told her I needed a spanking, after this spanking my wife did spank. Jack

  3. Top left is "OurVacationBabysitter" and is a real turn-on for me (most of them are). The boy is just old enough to surrender his bare ass to the babysitter and old enough to enjoy it (at least later, in private, with the bathroom door locked. The boys are just the right age: not too young (helpless to resist as the moms/spankers have superior strength and can just do what they want) and not too old (adult or adult sized and able to resist) but pre-teen or just post teen boys who will appreciate their embarrassing exposure and position. Top right is "TheTeacher'sLounge" a long-time fantasy of mine when I was younger. The teachers are a little young for me though. It was an elementary school fantasy and all of my teachers were older women, except for one man in the fifth and sixth grade and the principal and vice-principal were older women too. Of course they all spanked me OTK and on the bare bottom in front of each other (and my mother, who gave her permission for them to spank me). Whew! No paddles though, except for the principal (a small spanking paddle), just hand (I LOVED that) and hairbrush (Mom's. I HATED that). Although at his apparent age and with young hot teachers spanking me, I probably would had to endure the teasing of having an erection before we even got started (Mom would have been SO ashamed of me!). I also liked second from top right ("GoodJobGrandma"). All the onlookers seem to enjoy it. Middle left ("AfterHisApology")is also a button pusher for me. Don't know why he is pantless but he's already been spanked and will probably get more OTK with the hairbrush, and all those older women watching smugly is just WOW! Left, second from bottom is "SentHomeFromSchool". Grandma's already spanking him and Mom seems to have exposed a stain on his underpants(?), perhaps he had a little "accident"? Anyway the boy is accepting his spanking. The humiliation must be excruciating... Bottom left is "FinalsWeekFaker". Mom apparently has been apprised of the fakery by his sister and has called in a doctor to conduct a thorough physical exam (naked of course) before commencing to paddle his bare bottom in front of his sister, who, I imagine, will be informing everybody at school why her big brother is sitting uncomfortably in the principal's office, awaiting more punishment. Ah, the embarrassment. Anyway those are MY favorites. I don't quite get the outdoor public exposure ones and right, second from the bottom, "NewWeekendPlans" leaves me with mixed feelings. I could do without the enemas from Mom and the housekeeper, but there's a wicked-looking bathbrush visible and a good, hard paddling for both boys (nude of course) is a very interesting fantasy, especially if there's another brush and both boys get it OTK from both women at the same time...

    1. It is a very detailed review! : ) Thank you!
      Nice to see how some pictures "click" for someone and not for me, and vice-versa.

      I actually like much " New Weekend Plans " because there is this element of regression in it. The naked boy looks very vulnerable in front of his maternal figure. And being like this in the bathroom is like being a child again, it is so disgraceful at his age!

      Like you I love the onlookers on " Good Job Grandma ". They are so next-door and attractive somehow at the same time. Barbara is the best for this kind of " casting " : )

  4. Nice job, as always.

    My favourites are top left (best), middle left, top right, 4th left and 2nd left.

    Top left : Before reading Smuccatelli's comment, I was thinking mother/son + aunt, or fiancee/fiance + mother-in-law. I imagine the scene is taking place in a kind of bungalow or lodge during summer holidays. This kind of residence -small, often open, and close to other households- makes easy the (sometimes surprise) visit of relatives/friends/neighbours. For a few days, the privacy of this young couple (or family) will vanish, and some people are finally going to watch this poor boy usual humiliating domestic discipline. His reputation in the family is already destroyed.

    Middle left : I love humble pies like that. The boy is standing red-bottomed and red-faced in front of his audience, and has to deliver a lenghty and humiliating apology. This kind of apology is always enough, since there is no hope of keeping any shred of dignity in these conditions. Now he's just told to get out in his pitiful state. However - of course - the women in the room will then gossip about him for quite a while. Maybe he will hear some sentences, and hope to disappear.

  5. Yep, I like that. The summer bungalow / holiday family camp is a kind of "open window" to what is usually kept secret. I noticed that when I was a child indeed
    (it wasn't spanking unfortunately, but people were telling / showing too much compared to the rest of the year)
    Thank you for your opinion : )

  6. Bottom right. Mom, neighbor lady and her daughter have got him all bare and are each going to spank him. Neighbor is spanking him now under mom's watch. Next will be Beth, who is 3 yr older and bossy to him. Only she will spank him over her knees like a little boy and tease him