Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Barbara O'Toole's new portfolio 26 !!


SO beautiful. Always a real pleasure to discover these new embarrassing scenes : )
- Alabama Swimming Hole is a promising title isn't it? As an European, I don't have all the cultural references regarding each States. I will now have an exciting cliché stucked in my mind on what Alabama could be. But I certainly don't need to be an American to appreciate the attention to details in this scene, full of very strong "Mamas" and "Rednecks" ^^
- Daddy's Babbysitter suggests quite a weird scene, and it is. It makes me feel quite uncomfortable (which is nice somehow). I feel it is sometimes more than just erotic pictures, like these pieces of art in a modern art museum, they are a bit disturbing and it makes you question the roles in society and yourself. 
- What a malicious /beautiful smirk on the The Ladies Will Have To Wait. I loove it (the young boy a bit less presumably, huhu).
- But my favorite this time could well be A Mother's Treatment. What a perfect Doctor chosen to be in this scene. The full nudity and horrible excitment of the boy, the "treatment" to come... I keep coming back to this picture again after I've seen the portfolio, it must a sign. 

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Always interested to know what you think as well! Please give your feedback. We don't always answer (sorry) but we do read : )

And I guess next round it will be my pictures again. 


  1. The middle two look like excellent pieces of classic domestic spanking/humiliation!

  2. Wow, you have to feel for the unfortunate teen boy not only having to endure a complete physical by the female doctor but while his mother observes. I wonder how manly a cough he will be able to muster when he is standing naked in front of both women and the doc tells him to turn his head a cough while she has a hold of his testicles.

  3. Bonjour Alex, et vous tous...

    Encore un beau florilège de mère-poules fesseuses.
    La visite médicale a une résonnance particulière pour moi.
    J'ai été très tôt confronté au monde médical. Je me souviens d'une visite chez une doctoresse pour un banal contrôle. Ma maman m'accompagnait et toutes deux portaient un ensemble blazer et jupe plissée, comme c'était la mode dans les années 1980. Ainsi que la même coiffure en chignon. Et la visite se passa sans problème, malgré que j'avais éprouvé une certaine honte à ôter mes vêtements devant elles. Avec le recul du temps, je me suis imaginé fessé sur ses genoux et devant Maman. C'est un peu cette ambiance que je retranscris dans mes saynètes.
    Notre jeunesse reste aussi une source d'inspiration.
    Souvenirs quant tu nous tiens...
    Bon WE. Charles.

  4. Most of these are excellent from my POV. Barb is a master (mistress). I am having a problem sending my previous post. It won't accept it because "HTML can't have more than 4096 characters" and I can't get rid of that window. What am I doing wrong?

    I DO have some relevant comments and I'd like to send them to this page but am not sure how. Can you help?

    1. Does your comment really have that many characters? It seems a lot! : )
      Try sending it in two parts maybe?
      Thank you : )

    2. Top left is interesting. The only thing I'm curious about is who the lady is (a maid, or the boy's mother?) and why they're being spanked with the bathbrush. Still quite evocative. I can picture them sharing a bedroom later, laying on their stomachs and rubbing their paddled bottoms and crying in shame and embarrassment. Then later, under the covers and in their pajamas, masturbating like crazy...
      Top right is EXACTLY as it should be. A boy, somehow violating one of his very religious grandmother's rules, getting a sound spanking over her lap on his childishly bared bottom. Perhaps he said a "naughty" word, in which case he can look forward to a good mouth soaping as well and then some "corner-time" on full display for all to see...
      The two middle ones are variations on the same theme and I love them both. Both are "domestic discipline" themed of bare-bottomed boys getting thoroughly spanked by strong, no-nonsense women in front of an appreciative audience of other women very much enjoying the show. The boys are humiliated by their shameful, childish punishment, as they should be...
      Second from bottom right and bottom right are both naughty boys getting their bared bottoms enthusiastically spanked in public, in broad daylight without the slightest concern from their punishers. Most public is bottom right, I think, will the boy getting obviously spanked with everyone around knowing full well what was going on. I prefer the one second from the bottom as the boy in that one is getting it good in front of the no doubt smirking lady observing him through the window. Of greater concern to him is his very public, pants and underpants pulled down, then and there, on the spot, humiliating bare-bottom childish punishment by his grandma in full view of anyone passing by. Oh, how shameful and embarrassing. I love it. A lot.
      Needless to say, most of these are very, uh... stimulating for me. I can imagine myself taking the place of these naughty boys in these scenarios...
      Barb's the best

      Part two...

  5. Hi Alex !

    I’m sorry I didn’t post a comment for a long time. I discovered this new picture on Google Images and I remembered your website.

    What a great Barb’s artwork, again.

    My two favourites pictures are top right and 4th right from the top.

    Top right : I absolutely love the domestic aspect of this one. It’s a wife/husband, huh ? I can’t see what is on the TV, but in my mind a spanking in front of the TV creates an interesting contrast between the « public/outside world » and the « private sphere ». It somehow opposes the serious, traditionnal, socially codified outside world to a ridiculous, trivial, abnormal domestic scene. We can imagine the husband very ashamed to be spanked this way when the TV depicts a more traditionnal family model (with the husband leading the household).

    4th right : I love the idea of a teen being spanked bare bottom discovering with horror that his spanking is going to be witnessed (by looking at the new witness). I would love to see his face, what I assume shocked and mortified… I can’t see the face of the grandma too, but she seems to have a lot of fun spanking a lad of this age and size. One question remains : What has alerted this poor boy about the gaze of the unwanted witness ? Does the witness made some involuntary noise by opening the curtain ? Does the witness voluntarily knocked the window to show her presence to the guy and make fun of him ? Or does the granny warned the spanked boy (« Look who’s here ! ») to embarass him ?

    Thank you very much for this artwork.

    1. Top right is " The Sinner ", and on TV there is one of this live Preacher like you can see on American programs only. The environment is very religious in the room, one can wonder what the boy has done wrong...
      4th right is " Nosy Rosie ". Good questions : ) I beleive the spanking is making much noise, this strong madame has large palms and seem very determined ; )

    2. Uh... ! So I made a lot of misinterpretations :( ! In all cases, thank you for the titles and these details !

    3. She is definately smirking. She is the most friend of his grandma spanker. "Yes Jean is getting a good eyeful. Maybe O will ask her to sit for you this weekend'

  6. Most of these are excellent (from my POV). Barb is a master (mistress?) at this capturing of humiliating and embarrassing circumstances involving boys at the hands of stern women. Alabama Swimming Hole seems more like a real lake rather than a "swimmin' hole" but that's not important. The important thing is one young boy has been relieved of his swim trunks entirely and is being spanked bare-assed in public by his Meemaw. ("Mamas" are mothers and "Meemaws" and "Pawpaws" or "PopPops" are grandparents. Many of them help raise their grandchildren and may not be the traditional "spoil them rotten" grandparents of some other cultures. Most Meemaws are NOT reluctant to spank, on the bare bottom and on the spot if they deem it necessary to teach their "grandbabies" a suitable lesson, even in public. The other young boy is trying to retreat from the same fate, but it's likely he will be caught, de-pantsed and have his bare bottom reddened in full view of everyone just like his brother. This is so commonplace in some Southern cultures that most of the other swimmers and bystanders aren't even paying much attention. I like it a lot (the boys are the perfect age and size to push my buttons!).
    Daddy's Babysitter is indeed quite weird and I can't quite figure out the proposition. I can see Daddy might like be infantilized but I don't think the his children (or perhaps her's) would want to be present to watch. Yeesh. To weird for me. Don't care for it.
    The Ladies Will Just Have To Wait is okay. Obviously the boy has been "encouraged" to allow his mother to take his temperature the "old-fashioned way" by a bathbrush. I would have preferred to see THAT as opposed to the anal thermometer scene and I'm still mystified by what the "ladies" will have to wait for...
    A Mother's Treatment is a bit of a mystery. Why Mom would take her son to this Doctor and have a large paddle ready to "treat him" confuses me. The boy is obviously inadvertently erect (no surprise. teenaged boys will get hard when the WIND blows) and mom can hardly blame him for that but she seems ready too. Or maybe perhaps he had done something else the Doctor helped relieve him of his clothes and he just popped a boner BEFORE his mom could spank him?

    Part one...

    1. Thank you for your detailed point of view !

      ( yes, Barb is a Mistress in this art, not a Master ; )

  7. Women know how to deal with naughty little boys, even those that are husbands. My wife will not hesitate to give me a spanking, no matter where and no matter who is around. The worse is being spanked while other women watch and approve.

  8. My favourite is 'A Mother's Treatment'. I wonder what exactly triggered the naked boy's erection in that one. The radiant smile and bedside manner of the pretty young doctor attending to him? Her cute headband? Perhaps the starchy rustle of her spotlessly white medical coat, or the sensation of her bare forearm resting against his chest as she leans close towards him to conduct her examination? Maybe she's telling him how the next test will require her to cup his tight young testicles in her womanly hand. Or maybe she's deliberately stimulated him when mother was momentarily preoccupied, tickling the underside of his penis to trigger a response which she knew would land him in trouble (thus her smile). In the background the mother, for her part, is scandalised, now, by her son's lack of discipline in his naughty regions. And she knows exactly what punishment to impose. I'm sure the doctor's broad smile will widen still further when mother goes to work with that paddle, there and then in the surgery. Yet there's a delicious ambiguity in the title of the piece. Perhaps the doctor *is* the mother, conducting an examination herself. If so, she'll be all too familiar with the impudently 'restless' behaviour of her son. If that's the case, it begs the question as to who the lady is in the background, reaching for the paddle. A disapproving aunt, perhaps - shocked by the urgency of the boy's arousal in the proximity of his mother?

    In 'The Ladies Will Have To Wait' I enjoy the mother's smug grimace. She's exploring the young man's anus with no-nonsense rigour and it clearly hurts him, much to her maternal satisfaction. The blonde woman in the doorway is evidently a lady disinclined 'to wait'. Given half the chance, she'll have that boy over her own lap for a good smacked bottom, sore anus or not, and that gloved hand may suggest she has invasive plans of her own.

    One of my favourite details is in the far background of 'Church Summer School'. A rather attractive, righteous Christian mother in grey slacks, her big bosom wobbling in her loose, short-sleeved top, is clearly cross with her son, waving her finger in his face and, no doubt, threatening to pull his baggy shorts and underpants down, there and then, for an al fresco leg slapping and bottom spanking - good and hard - in full view of gleeful witnesses.

    I'm excited by the theme of messy ejaculations during punishment or wipe downs. The boy's penis visibly squashed against the woman's ample thigh in 'Window Seat' seems too subdued to be much at risk of involuntary semen emission, but I bet the boy in 'NoseyRosie' is inadvertently pumping a sticky stiffy against the mature lady's wobbling midriff in the garden while the no-nonsense woman in 'Cousin Phillip's Visit' might well, by bedtime, end up subjecting both miscreants to brisk, soapy milkings on top of their bathbrush whackings.

    1. I like your thinking. I've always thought about boys spurting against their spankers soft, warm bare thighs or comfortable laps, much to the merriment of any witnesses and the discomfort and even anger at the women who get spooged on by their "naughty boys".

      The mother/son/doctor one is still a puzzle to me. Why the "mother" (with the paddle) would object to the boy getting an involuntary erection during such an intimate exam is beyond me. Perhaps the boy hears the rustle of the exam coat and imagines spurting all over the doctors coat or skirt or on his mother's lap when she paddles him. I would just as soon seen the paddling, whether or not the boy comes (but that would be better)...

      "The Ladies Will Have to Wait" is interesting because of the mother "taking his temperature the old-fashioned way" which is very embarrassing for him, especially if she manages to massage his prostate enough to make him leave a sticky puddle on the bedspread. Again, I would prefer the second woman simply smack his bottom soundly and stand him up, admiring his erection and perhaps using her gloved hand to milk him in front of his mother and the other ladies...

      The boy's penis squished against the woman's bare thigh could change dramatically in seconds, depending on how aroused he would get and then gushing all over her legs while the others are scandalized (and amused) at this violation of conventional moral values. The boy in "NosyRosie" could very well have an "accident" on his grandma's (?) lap because he's gyrating around bare-assed on her lap while she (and he) might have an audience, as well as "Rosie" tapping on the window letting him know SHE can see him (and enjoy the show).

      And I would imagine BOTH boys in "Cousin Phillip's visit might well have several involuntary warm, soapy milkings as well as several voluntary ones in their bedrooms after they're sent to bed with sore, red bottoms...

  9. My wife knows how to address a naughty husband, but she reminds also, she is my wife and my mommy when needed. The worse spankings and those that follow with a bath. Squirming in the tub, being bathed like a little boy. My Mommy will not tolerate childish behavior and believes the punishment should fit the crime. Jack

  10. Excellent blog! As always. Cheers!