Sunday, January 9, 2022

Barbara's new creations #27 !!

Last one was in June, I missed it !
The whole atmosphere of the set is again bittersweet, in such a pretty way.
I love the whole appearance and facial expression of the boy on " Grounded ", it looks very credible. Possibly because I was looking like him years ago ^^

To add these 8 new pieces, but in full quality/size to your collection, just write directly to her :  
b_o2l AT yahoo com

As for me, I'm trying new things. Most often I try, I don't like it much, I erase it. But when I like it, I mean it : ) " Forced regression kills rebellion " is something that inspires me these days, but we'll what will come out later. Thank you for your patience : ) 

Thank you for the private messages I get, telling me my work matters to you. There was a time I was a bit in doubt that I was the only one loving these fantaisies, not anymore.
And I sincerly  wish everyone of you a very good 2022 



  1. New Barb’s artworks ! Woo-hoo !

    In total I’ve only sent you one private message in order to introduce me, but I think it’s obvious that I really enjoy your work and that of Barbara O’Toole ;-) . I look forward to every post !

    My favorite pictures from this portfolio are :

    The first : I like when the spanker is on the phone during the spanking. In that case, the spankee is very worried about the noise that the person at the other end of the phone will hear (smacks, shooting, crying, and maybe some scolding from the spanker !). Or the boy will maybe be very annoyed to wait in this humiliating position just under the eyes of the woman during a eeeendless call :) .

    The third : In this one I especially like the quality of the picture (bodies, angle of view, etc…). But I also really like how the poor boy seems to blush beet red !

    The fourth : I like outdoor spankings like this. It makes scenes where the boy is totally nervous because of the eyes on him while the woman spanker just doesn’t care and takes her time. So fun ^^

    The seventh : A spanking in the living room by mom/grandma/aunt before a sister/cousin… Very very classic… but still effective !

    Looking forward to the next ones !

    1. It's good that you can enjoy these pictures... considering you are seeing little of it !! ^^
      But you are basically correct on what they are about
      Wish you a nice weekend! : )

    2. Mrs. O'Toole's drawings are of the highest quality. The fifth particularly intrigues me, because it seems to belong to the school environment, and today, unfortunately, or fortunately, punishments at school are prohibited.

    3. It is in a classroom indeed : )
      She has made a few like this already

  2. Hi Alex, best wishes for a good 2022 from Italy.

    1. Gracie mille Valeria !
      I wish you the best as well !! : )

      And a year full of new bittersweet scenes like these ^^