Tuesday, July 4, 2023

CFNM, Spanking... Barbara O'Toole's new portfolio 29 ! : )


It is always a nice surprise to discover Barbara's latest set of new scenes, they are already classic : ) 
- I love the CFNM discomfort of Before His Tennis Date. 
- My imagination runs wild with The Single Mother. What are the weird and complicated links between the Mother and the boy? Does she really accepts his puberty and the fact that he may leave the nest one day? Some mothers never want their Angel to grow up and be left alone...
- The YMCA Infirmary, suggesting an enema and other very embarrassing treatments in public, is another superb CFNM scene 

To add these 8 new pieces full quality/size to your collection and support Barbara's art, just write directly to her :  b_o2l AT yahoo com

As for me, as always, I don't plan to stop soon. You just need to be  patient enough, and one day you'll be surprised to find my latest private pictures in your mailbox : )



  1. The picture of the older woman spanking the naked male with an hairbrush reminded me of such a spanking. Was seeing an older woman, she and I enjoyed one another company. She would say that there are times I needed a spanking. Well a weekend at the coast, rented cabin, I stepped out the shower, and to my shock she stood there, hairbrush in hand, she sat on the toilet and over her lap I went. I thought it was a joke, but soon I was kicking, squirming, pleading. When she did stopped, I danced around rubbing, looking at her. She said best not give that look or back over my lap. Now get to the kitchen, face the wall. I did as told. I learned that the older women will not hesitate when it comes to spankings and they hurt like hell. Jack

  2. I’m so glad Barbara O’Toole is keeping on creating new artworks. I’m often afraid that the last portfolio released will be the last one. So when a new portfolio is published, it’s always a relief. Barb will soon reach her 30th portfolio ! What a huge contribution to the spankosphere !

    My favorites pictures of this new portfolio are the following :

    6th (3rd in the right hand column) : The scene seems to take place in a big house of a wealthy family (once again in a old-fashioned southern state of the US). The young man (probably the son of the hostess) is impeccably dressed and coiffed… besides the fact he’s now bare-bottomed, in a very not classy position over his mother’s knee ! She could have spanked him in ANY other place of her big house (his room, her room, a guest room, maid’s room, kitchen…) but instead she is spanking him right in this BIG living room, in front of all the guests ! I also like the presence of the black maid vacuuming in the background. This event is going to change a little bit the relationship of domination between the white spoiled boy and the poor black maid, who is no doubt discreetly smirking at his embarrassing fate. The only boss is definitely his mum !

    3rd : This one makes me think of a previous Barb’s image entitled « Vacation with Mom » (portfolio 20). Given the luggage in a corner of the room, the family must be in a hotel, or rather back from vacation. I like how the older woman is witnessing the spanking altought she has probably nothing to do here. In the place of the lad, it would piss me off.

    1rst : What’s happening is not really my taste, but the young man in tennis outfit is pretty well drawn, and I love how he’s trying to bury himself in the couch to not be seen from the outside in this very transparent place. But I think he has no chance…

    Thanks to Barb for this new portfolio. I will contact her to purchase a portfolio, this week or next week.


  3. Frenchboy's commentaries are insightful as ever but Barb herself provides a steer on how to interpret each piece through the file names she gives as titles.

    For example, the scene with the luggage to the side is called 'Jeffrey's Old Bedroom'. From this I infer that it's Jeffrey who's getting the spanking - in his old room - and that the luggage is for his stay. The older woman in the foreground may be Jeffrey's mother, looking on through the bedroom door, while the woman spanking him may be his new wife - the couple having just arrived for a visit shortly after their wedding; his mother's prepared his old room for them.

    The spanking woman is relatively young compared with many Barb spankers - which I happen to like - but she is tall, authoritative, no-nonsense and seemingly rather older than Jeffrey. I suspect that Jeffrey has married her precisely for those qualities. Living away from home, he'd missed his mother's dominance and discipline, but now he's found a woman who can fill that gap; or, more likely, the woman sniffed him out as a Mummy's Boy and chose him because she thrills to the role of surrogate mother.

    Jeffrey's dominant new wife is excited to spank him in the very room where his mother disciplined him countless times while he was growing up. The two women have already established a likeminded rapport and Jeffrey is getting his bottom smacked even before there's been a chance to unpack. Who knows? Thei newlyweds' stay at mother's could be an indefinite one...

    Other interpretations are always possible, of course. Personally, I like to think of Barb's youthful-seeming spankees as so emotionally stunted that they're incapable of growing up enough to marry anyone. It could be that Jeffrey is home on vacation from a college semester and that it's his big sister or cousin who's doing the honours in 'welcoming him back' while mother looks on approvingly.

    In any case Jeffrey is a grown young man, utterly subjugated, being smacked hard on his bare bottom over the knee of a stern, attractive woman in a room which holds many hot memories of spankings by Mummy in days gone by. Tercy Latt


  4. One other possibility from me... It could even be that the young woman is a new lodger at Jeffrey's mother's house. She uses Jeffrey's old room as a work space - thus some of the background details in the piece - and is far from pleased when Jeffrey, home from college, assumes he can just dump his luggage in his old room and occupy it! Tercy

  5. In terms of Barb's file-naming, the piece in the bottom left hand corner is called 'It's Past Your Bedtime'. The wall clock in the bedroom shows just one minute after eight, indicating that Grandma (?) dictates an early bedtime for the young man and is a stickler for enforcing it. The pansy pyjamas left on the bed and silk knickers dropped on the floor may suggest that Grandma has got him out of the very nightwear she insists that he wears to spank him naked for being a minute late for bed. Or perhaps he resents and resists sissification and is both naked and late because he's being difficult about wearing such humiliating nightwear in the first place.

    Either way his bare bottom is gyrating over Grandma's lap, his boy bits pressed against the deep brown material of her long house dress, as she sets about belabouring his buttocks with her hairbrush, chiding him all the while.

    So he'll be going to bed 'late' in his pansy pyjamas and silk knickers, having been thoroughly hairbrush-spanked by Grandma, buttocks a-throbbing with painful heat. As he cries himself to sleep, taking some comfort from the sensation of the silk against his nether regions, the idea of her elder matriarchal presence suffuses his room even though she's now gone, from the fussily arranged net curtains draped above his bedstead to the lingering scent of her lavendar perfume.

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  7. So glad she publishes. I received my first spanking from my wife recently....so needed it. Over her lap..briefs down....she is now my disciplinarian. Blogs like this are so needed..so is her art.

  8. Such a fine blog. I so needed a spanking, and my girlfriend finally did it. Thanks Alex...

  9. It's a real pleasure to have discovered this forum, which I will slowly explore. I have occasionally seen Barbara O'Toole's drawings on the Internet, and I was sure that many other people appreciated them too. Italy is one of the few EU countries where spanking is legal, but nowadays it is a disciplinary practice which, I think, is not very widespread, and it has become taboo to talk about it. However, our society has something matriarchal about it, and certain images that seem fictional can sometimes represent reality.

    1. Welcome here : )
      Yes, I sometimes had Italy in mind when I created pictures, " the Latin Mother ". I was inspired by Italy and Spain years ago with all these sons in their 20s or 30s or more going back to Mother's place for economical reasons. Trapped forever accross their Mother's lap!

    2. Thanks for the welcome, and congratulations again for the blog. And it's true, some moms know how to handle the hairbrush well.

  10. Hey are you doing ok, Alex? Comment ca va?
    It feels like it's been a long long time since you posted!

    1. I'm doing well, thank you : )
      Can you believed it ? i have finished two new pictures! Just working on the text now. I'm slooow but, the past weeks have been productive. There will be a new update

    2. I am having trouble signing up. Is Barb's email b_021@yahoo.com? It didn't go through. Can you help, please?

    3. Almost ! It's a " l ", not a " 1 " : )
      I'm going to send you a private message