Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never touched by a woman before - RETRO version ( medical part 10 )

So the holidays are over, let's start a new year making very embarrassing pictures !
This picture may remind you this one.

You " VIPs" will find in your mailbox these 2 bonus :
-> The original version of the picture above, with the boy fully naked. I think both are interesting in a different way.
-> Wars, stupid brawls down your street... don't you think the world would be more peaceful with a bit less testosterone? 
" Along with all the vaccines that must be done before your son reaches twenty, you can now ask for a monthly injection of Neutrosterone (R) to minimize the wrong effects of testosterone such as agressivity and rebellion. To fully neutralize the hormones, the injection is done into the testicles."


  1. Oh my. Not sure the doctor or his mother look too amused at his response to dropping his pants! I wonder if the examination could proceed fully with him in that state. Welcome back from the hols.


  2. Wow, boy, it works well!

  3. Great pieces, Alex. How about these for captions:

    The doctor and her assistant were quite amused as they entered the examining cubicle and noticed their 17 year old patient was in an aroused state To intensify his embarrassment and to heighten their enjoyment she directed him to remove his underpants for the exam. Once he complied she proceeded to give him the most thorough exam he ever had. He remained nude in front of the two young women throughout.

    The second picture is one of my favorites. The poor fellow looking back at the doctor adds much to the photo. Thanks

    "We're almost done Bobby. I'm going to give you an injection in your bottom then take your temperature rectally. You've been a very good boy today. I'll make sure to tell your mom you did not give me any trouble when I made you take off all your clothes and get up on the bed on all fours so I could get a good look at you."

    1. " Anonymous" : it's an injection on BALLS, not bottom. It may not be a difference for you, but it makes a big one for him ; )

  4. For me the turn on of the picture is the fact the female doctor was in total control of the situation. The young male obediently stripped and mounted the bed as directed by her. One can imagine her sense of superiority and satisfaction when she looked back at her patient seeing his hanging testicles and gaping asshole in clear view. It can be further imagined at what was in store for him after the injection in his balls...perhaps a check of his prostate..one can only hope!


  5. Great pictures Alex. I know they have been up for a time but I felt compelled to comment on the second one.

    As the doctor prepared to administer the injection in the hapless, teenage boy's left testicle, she commended his stepmom who looked on, " Alice I must say you have done an extraordinarily good job curbing his typical teenage boy aggressive behavior. I'm only doing this one injection to compliment your efforts. I do believe your success can be directly traced to your practice of placing him in situations and creating experiences where he is exposed to strong female roll models. I was amazed at how docile and compliant he was during the exam today. He readily, almost eagerly, stripped when I told him to. He made no fuss during his genital exam, and hopped up on the table in preparation for his rectal exam when directed to do so."

    1. Great !
      But to me it was the other way round: it was the injection only which caused to neutralize his boyish attitude. And from this point maybe Alice can test how harmless he is with a low level of testosterone, when testing him in difficult situations !

  6. Tentpole in front of grandma and Mrs. Devries while being fitted for clothes. Grandma irritated that fitting properly will be a challenge. Mrs. Devries says not a problem, as I stand naked in full salute. She puts on a pair of briefs, threading my hard on through the opening, then pulling my testicles out with it. I look even more rediculous with my junk poking out the front than I did nude. It solved the fitting problem though.