Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The forbidden Rock n'Roll party (women in big trouble update)

Did I say it before? I say it again : I LOVE the 1950s, it screams spanking
For the VIPs, it comes with these 2 bonus :
-> Attitude adjustment deals with one of my favorite theme: a girl who imagined she would magically escape any form of punishments because she turned eighteen. But when you act immature, be prepared for a childish punishment!  
" Yes, I said on the bare too. If it is so shameful to you, better think about not being punished again. Save your tears for the actual spanking ! "
-> Waiting for their turn - Boarding school is probably the best of all 3 technically. Like the 2 other pictures I focus on facial expressions, shame and fear, not hardcore scenes.

Next update? Looks like " Women un big trouble " again, or " Medical ". Or... I don't know. Let's see what comes out from the hat !




  1. ( for some reasons the " Forbidden Rock n'Roll party " picture is in sepia colour, when the one for VIPs is the original one in black and white. Strangely Blogspot refuse to download the black and white one )

  2. Our parents had no any double standard with children. We both, my younger bro and me were spanked on bare bottoms and had barebottomed cornertime until HS graduation. I hated to be over dad's lap with bare bottom up in front whoever was present but it wasn't big deal for parents

  3. Hey Alex
    Congrats to you too on hitting the million mark! We not only share that landmark, but also a love of 50's retro spanking
    Keep up all the great work - love your site!

    1. Merci
      You know how much I appreciate your retro style too ! : )

  4. I love the expression on the mother's face. Such a very 1950's look for a woman.

    1. Exactly! This is why I have picked that model