Saturday, August 22, 2015

Medical part 14 (CFNM)

 This time the update is for VIPs only, partly because I couldn't decide which one I would make public here.
- Neutrosterone every month is an advertisment for a product that you've seen already in the private pics...
 - The balls palpation exam - no discussion is my fave of all three. It took me much time to capture this instant of helpless and shame, but now it's sealed forever : )
- The black and white private picture is named The " little bird " accident, it will certainly remind you Never touched by a woman before I've posted years ago :

- There was a 4th picture under construction, but I decided it will be in the next bunch. The good news being : " Medical part 15 " will probably come round faster ; )

Cheers! : )    AleX


  1. I don't check email often so I actually just got these and I must say your work continues to amaze. Love all three of these. Your work is easily my favorite CFNM stuff on the net... very exciting! The girls being punished have been great as well. Keep up the great work Alex and looking forward to Med15!!


    1. Thank you very much for your feedback Russell : ) , it's good to know my efforts are appreciated

    "The towel too? But then... I'll be completely..."

  3. You can struggle and fight me all you want, but you are my devoted prisoner now. You will serve as an abiding slave that I will punish, abuse and use in the worst ways. Im first going to lock you in chastity and put you in a collar so everyone will know that I own you.
    princess ceara