Sunday, August 30, 2015

Save all public E & Fun pics in one click

This site has been running for more than 4 years now, lots of embarrassing pictures have been posted : )  
(a few old ones embarrass me only because they were not that good technically I think, but it's time to assume all my babies!)

I thought it would be more convenient for some of you to save all the public ones in just one click (see? I care for you) :

I've uploaded a .rar file there

I'm back working on more medical CFNM pervy things : )

Enjoy the day,



  1. Very nice! Looking forward to more medical pictures involving diapers ;)


    His stepdad insisted on the "old school" swim suit for boys at the family reunion, even though the other guys his age got suits....

    The cool river water provided the only cover from thr curious eyes of cousins' and their friends..,

  3. tried to email alex many times . all came back mail demon
    ilove to get the photos sent to my email address
    please help

    1. No prob, I'm going to write to you
      Cheers !