Sunday, January 28, 2018

Traditional education, and the return of the Balls Pacifier

I never thought it would take me that long to post after the teaser below... sorry, that's my life outside the computer... 

Anyway! I'm happy to share my last creations, which are quite personal. You'll see that a few are about traditional France, one is about the 80s...  
It's also the return of the Balls Pacifier, which has already appeared a few times in these pages (you may look for it if you want to know more).
I hope you will enjoy these pictures, I know for some of you it's a kind of therapy coming after a rigid education during your youth... again, I hope you will like them.
For the VIPs, the private pictures will be in your mailbox today.




  1. Bonjour Alex,

    Eh oui ! Encore une fois la sévérité maternelle a encore frappé !!
    Une fois de plus, notre bienveillante et sévère Maman nous a surpris à feuilleter les "lectures interdites"... en tenue d'Adam ! Et bien sûr... son verdict est sans appel . Dialogue :
    - C'est cela les leçons d'Histoire à réviser ?
    - Mais... Maman... oui... heu...non... c'est que...
    - Alors ? Réponds-moi.
    - Je... je... enfin... je...
    - Bien. Tu connais la sanction !
    - Mais je n'ai plus dix ans, Maman.
    - Mais tu es toujours mon fils et toujours sous
    mon toit ! Allons, approches. C'est très vilain
    de désobéir à sa Maman, mon petit Gérome...
    Et ensuite, toutes ces pécheresses, au panier !!

    Imaginons la suite... Bonne journée. Charles.

    1. La suite? : ) Un éternel recommencement, coincé chez sa maman jusqu'à la fin de ses longues études! : )

  2. Being a adult, 20's, dating and she finds your spanking magazines. Will just say this, no more magazines, and not as much as I thought. We are now married, and I dread it when the hairbrush is in her hands.

  3. Love the multiple witnesses, protracted nudity, and mocking >:)

    1. The picture outside? Yes, I wanted many witnesses, and young : )

  4. I think She has a hatred of males since the boys father left Her and she finds Herself intrigued by the Women in the pictures and will go back to Her room to masturbate long and hard to them. Her boy is not allowed to masturbate of course. Femsup