Saturday, July 14, 2018

Barbara O'Toole : Portfolio 15 !!

I'm proud to introduce these new very fine embarrassing pieces : )

The Birthday Party Tantrum is probably my fave (2d from top on the right). If you get these pictures full size, I'm interested to know which one is yours! 

Maternal discipline, school shame, medical examination... all that we are used to, here in these pages : )
As ever, with this attention to details so specific to her work.

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  1. Hello Alex! It's hard for me to pick a favorite but it would have to be between birthday party tantrum and little boo boo. Caught red handed, futile protest, and cousin Becky are also pretty good.

    1. Cousin Becky is very sweet indeed : )
      Outside under all these pairs of little eyes...

    2. The bottom right pic might as well be me. My cousin Jessica doesn't hesitate to cause me embarrassment, anytime anywhere. That she's 15 years younger than me doesn't faze her a bit. She'll scold me in front of her girlfriends and even total strangers as if I were a pre-teen boy instead of 52 and once she discovered a few years ago that she could get away with actually SPANKING me on the BARE (I know, quite shameful and it really makes me look like a complete wimp that I can't stand up to her, but it is what it is), it's since happened more than once and in front of her girlfriends, too, just like in Barbara's work.

  2. love the multiple witnesses in each. Not just one person to ogle his nakedness!

    1. Yes, the more witnesses, the better! : D

  3. Bonjour Alex,

    Encore quelques pépites de Dame Barbara...
    Ma préférence va aux fessées maternelles sur les genoux. Naturellement.
    Ces dames s'en donnent à cœur-joie sous couvert de "recadrage éducatif". Les femmes sont incontestablement les meilleures pour administrer la fessée. Après s'ensuit le pardon et le câlin . Nos Mamans savent être sévères et rester tendres à la fois. C'est le secret d'une bonne fessée.
    "Qui aime bien châtie bien ".

  4. I nearly always get Barb's new portfolios. I can already tell from the thumbnails that I'll have several "favorites". All so good...

  5. No 8 is my favourite as it showed at least 3 possible scenarios to me all deliciously humiliating for the boy. Is the Woman handing him over to work at the other Women's place. Has he been caught after escaping from the others. And is being returned by a concerned citizen. Well he doesn't look scared or more contrite enough.Or most likely he is being returned by his Aunt to his Mother and Grandmother or Mother and Her Mother In Law after being say stripped by a gang of girls. Femsup

  6. I like the bottom right. I think you are calling this "cousin Becky". How nice for the other kids to see a bullying cousin be taken over an older teen cousin knee and lose his clothes and be spanked by her, despite his struggkes.

  7. Now that I've got them and had a chance to rate them, my favorites are: top left; middle right, left, second from the bottom; and bottom right. As you can tell, my favorite scenes are boy or young men actually getting bare-bottomed OTK spankings. I'm wondering about the "birthday party tantrum" one, (right, second from top). Is she smearing cake or frosting ON him, or wiping it off? And has he been spanked or is he going to be? Still, the witnesses, especially the girls, are delightful...

  8. I am one of the infamous 'lurkers' who has been captivated by your blog.
    I find the material and comments that you publish to be both evocative and erotic.
    I have had previous experience as an intern,at an Institute for boys of a particular religious orientation in the U.K.
    All boys were 18+ and their parents had signed consent forms for the boys to receive bare bottom punishment.
    As my father was/is a major financial donor to the Institute, when I requested to be present at these punishments as part of my research,permission was granted.
    These experiences were relatively recent and your blog has stirred many of these memories for me in a most pleasant and resonant way.
    The boys usually received the cane,paddle or strap in an Elder's office or for more serious offences punishment was carried out on the morning of the Sabbath after prayers in the Institute Assembly Hall with any members of the community over 18, male or female invited to be a witness.
    It was interesting how many females in the community turned up for prayers that morning!
    If the punishment was carried out in Elder's office usually with the culprit bending over his large oak wooden desk, Elder,his secretary [female 23 yoa] and sometimes myself were the people present.
    The other main rule was that any victim of a boy's transgression was entitled to be present to witness the boy's punishment.
    In certain rare cases the victim was allowed to either lower the boys underpants or even participate in the punishment.
    I stayed at the Institute for two years so witnessed many of these scenes.
    As the boys were resident at the Institute each with his own spartan room consisting of a bed, chair, table and provided Bible the regime was extremely strict and boys were monitored assiduously.
    Anyways merci beaucoup for your wonderful blog and also for citing the works of John McGahern in a previous blog entry, he is one of my favourite authors.

    1. Very interesting. As these boys (or their parents)had consented to bare-bottom, and in some cases, public punishment, was this institution some kind of corrective or disciplinary one?

    2. The Institute was/is primarily concerned with the spiritual,academic and personal development of young men 18+.
      It is understood that all boys resident and studying at the Institute are subject to corporal punishment.
      Due to a campaign of proselytizing the Community also attracted some members of the indigenous population to join the already tight knit Community.
      The Community are resident in a very defined and isolated rural area with the Institute being located in a large,old building formerly the residence of a member of the British aristocracy.
      This particular religion is primarily but not exclusively associated with a state in the Southwest of the U.S.A.
      The role of the female both in the domestic setting and at the Institute is an elevated one.
      Many Academic posts and all secretarial posts are held by females.
      Female students are not in any way subject to corporal punishment but as previously noted may at any time be present as a witness while a boy is being punished.
      I would not use the term 'public punishment' as such, as for serious offences while the boy/boys are spanked in front of the Community this punishment did take place within the Assembly Hall of the Institute in front of staff,students and any Community member who wished to attend.
      I was greatly privileged as a young female intern not only to be allowed witness these boy's punishment both in Elder's office and the Community Hall but on certain occasions be allowed to participate in the actual punishment.

    3. Thank you for your input Raychel!
      I'm currently reading John McGahern again, " The Barracks ". But I feel " The Dark " is the one that is strongly linked with this place

    4. Kkkk...sério? Mais fake que fake!

  9. She is a very talented Artist. I like all of her work.

  10. Again, bottom right. It makes you long to see how he got bared- hoping it was by her strong hand and he lost a struggle with her in front odmf witnesses

  11. c'est vraiment très excitant tous ces petits machos enfin punis par des dames sévères. Moi-même je fais quelques dessins du même genre et en plus j'en fais punir certains en sous vêtement de fille.