Saturday, May 11, 2019

Barbara O'Toole IS Wonder Woman ( New Portfolio 19 )

New beautiful embarrassing moments captured forever !
My personal favorites must be The Personal Shopper (you know I always love when there is an element of forced regression), and The Runaway. When I was younger, I had fantaisies about being punished / abused by Wonder Woman indeed, so thank you very much Barbara for making it happening somehow! : )

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(The pressure she is putting on me again to create something new soon, phiew... but let's call it healthy emulation)

Have a nice week-end!!



  1. My favorites are summer camp, on the spot, and neighborhood watch( I love how there's two audiences and how the audience in the room can see his vulnerable little balls just dangling there helplessly.)

  2. The bottom-left sure stands out for me... is that Dad getting a spanking after his son and in front of his daughter?!

  3. Top right, naked in kitchen trying to explain to your wife. Knowing that you will be spanked even though her best friend is present.

  4. Wonderful work by Barb as always. I love the generous, slightly larger thumbnails in the preview too!

  5. Love the helplessness and frustration of the bare naked lad in the middle right picture, made worse by the witnesses laughing and teasing! Hope he has to go a while without clothes.

  6. Bonjour à tous ! J'aime particulièrement la dernière en bas à droite. Une douche extérieure où les femmes ont aucun respect de l'intimité des garçons. C'est à se demander l'histoire derrière cette image...

  7. You and I have some common ground, especially the wonder woman part.

  8. The school scene. She’s been waiting to apply bare bottom punishment to the most handsome boy in the class. And guess what? He played right into her hands with that crude display of temper directed at one of the girls. So up to the front and bend over the desk and whisk! Down come his jeans and his undies and there it is on display: the naughty boy’s bottom. Well shaped, and white as a lily. She’s been waiting to see it and it doesn’t disappoint. A perky rear on a bad boy. A dozen angry slaps and he’s howling. What might she order now? Make him shuffle to the aggrieved girl, clothes gripping his ankles, and apologise? Why not? Seems his T shirt ends rather high, well above his waist and his embarrassment would be acute.

  9. As for neighbourhood watch, this is my take.

    “I always used total clothing deprivation- to use the fancy feminist terminology- on my two sons. I’d seen my mother and grandmother use it on on our Ohio farm. It was such fun to see brothers and cousins cop a full nude punishment. And having a girl watch goggle-eyed was certainly very unnerving for them. When I married and moved to the city I really missed it. It happens to be the best punishment technique for bad boys because the awful weight of their humiliation meant mothers don’t have to smack so hard. So it was more humane. What I didn’t realise was how much my neighbour Kathleen would love being a witness and, for that matter, her 19 year old daughter, Sue.
    Cunningly Sue hinted one day- I’d grown use to calling them in whenever a punishment was due, even though my young fellas hated it and positively begged me not to admit her- that it might be good if I insisted the boy part his legs. Part his legs? I soon saw what she meant. “Oh, that view’s lovely,” Kathleen cooed. Sue just giggled. Now I wouldn’t do it any other way, seeing his little, fuzzy ball bag wobble and shiver as the slaps came down and his bottom reddened. The neighbours across the road joined in the fun staring through the big window and I didn’t discourage it. Neighbourhood girls who saw my sons all the time just couldn’t believe their Mom would strip them naked as cherubs and make them kneel on the sofa. Big fellas of 18 too, in their birthday suits. I was certain that the lesson and example would not be lost on them when they became mothers themselves.

  10. You know, we don't have the titles, so when you say you like The Personal Shopper and The Runaway, we don't know which ones you're talking about. Or maybe I'm missing something here. ^^'

    1. Once you have bought the pics to Barb, you have the tittles. It appears when you save the pics as " ... " ; )

  11. Bonjour Alex.
    L'image en haut à droite ne fait aucun doute sur les idées dégoûtante qui traversent l'esprit du grand garçon qui téléphone.
    Heureusement, sa maman et sa sœur ont constaté ce manque de respect et vont certainement lui faire passer l'envie de recommencer.
    Probablement seront-elles obligées de lui faire porter un équipement de chasteté pour qu'il cesse et s'améliore, peut-être même en utilisant un équipement de chasteté pourvu de picots internes qui le rappelleront à l'ordre dès la moindre vilaine pensée.

  12. Très intéressante aussi la troisième image de la colonne de droite où l'on voit très clairement ce garçon avoir de vilaines idées, d'où l'intérêt de garder les garçons nus afin de directement repérer ce vilain comportement et y remédier fermement.