Saturday, April 20, 2019

Medical CFNM (and the Balls Pacifier, again)

Medical CFNM.
I'm working on various ideas (spanking pictures are underway of course), but I wanted to do a little parenthesis and share about this particular universe that I like. 

" Global puberty check up, and the Balls Pacifier ". For those who still don't know what it is, here is another glimpse, and even more pictures. 

It's just an effecient way to prevent immoral behaviour when boys are left on their own. Of course, it may be extremely frustrating during the first weeks / months.

Happy Easter !



  1. My step-mother caught me masturbating, she had me over her knee and my bare bottom was soon stinging, very warm and I was a mess when she stood me up. She told no one and I thanked her for that.

  2. medical cfnm sort of the reproduction clinic where i was led by the super sexy nurse / clerk uniformed lady to 'the room' handed the specimen jar and told there was 'material on the table if i needed inspiration' then she said i will be right outside if you need anything.

    imagine if such a place required the men to be naked in the waiting room

  3. a favourite tease of my wife is the clinic where the hubby gets plastic surgery to gets circumcised

    the ladies get to go try out guys of different sizes to see what she wants her hubby to be like. while she is pleasured the man is naked in a waiting room with a lady that he has to wait on or suffer abuses from

    sometimes the tease also includes an examination of the man (me) what the all lady staff would do measurements sizings pulling back foreskin drawing where the cuts would go. discussion of the true acceptance policy where the man shows he agrees by being awake no anesthetic and makes the first cut

    1. Hi Sissy Snow.
      So was I circumcised.
      The urologist and young assistant studying medicine were males, but all the other people were women. It was embarrassing and fun.

  4. Al in the room know what is going to happen to the boys. The boys themselves and their Mothers, Aunts,Grand Mothers Girlfriends and Sisters Wives.

    All their bottoms have been well spanked as they needed to be convinced of the need to come there. They know that many moths of frustration will ensue. but their significant others WILL show that they are in control of the male penis and balls.

  5. C'est drôle d'écrire que cela "peut-être" frustrant au début Bien sûr que c'est frustrant !! Mais il en ont de la chance ces garçons que leurs mamans leur fassent porter un équipement de chasteté dès la puberté pour qu'ils deviennent de bons garçons qui n'embêtent pas les filles

    1. Oui c'est un petit peu frustrant... comme en cette période d'été, quand les filles sont en robe d'été ou en maillot de bain. Mais c'est pour la bonne cause