Saturday, December 14, 2013

Barbara O'Toole NEW pictures

" My name is Christopher Payne. I am the long-time companion of Barbara O'Toole. Together, we were partners in producing the BitterSweet and Barb's RX

For the last year, Barbara has been in poor health and has recently taken a more serious downturn. Barb has asked me to circulate this email and to present the sale of 10 new, never before seen pieces of her art in response to the mounting medical bills facing us. Barbara produced these new pieces and many others over the past 2 years.

To purchase these 10 large image files, including one animated gif, please email your request to this email address: ( lowercase letter O & lowercase letter L ).

The minimum fee for the 10 new pieces is $25. Any larger contributions will be greatly appreciated. Once we have received your requests for purchase, we will direct you to the payment process.

Barbara's large audience of like-minded people are very dear to her and she wishes all a most enjoyable viewing experience.


Chris & Barbara

Like me, I guess you are very, very sorry to hear our Icon has these health issues. 

I've seen the 9 pictures + the animated .gif . They are are all the same "bittersweetness" high quality we were used to. In my opinion maybe even 2 or 3 ("The all over burn", "Orientation"...) are even her all-time best. So if you are hesitating between purchasing my pictures or hers for your collection, buy her pictures. Like, now!


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