Friday, December 6, 2013

Scared. Very much.





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    1. ...and embarrassing, a bit?

      Thank you :)

    2. Fun for the reader, definitely embarrassing for the girl. ;)

  2. What would really define this sight is what happened to me a week back. I'm dating an older woman and we spent the weekend at her best friends home. I was told she was not happy with her friend since I started seeing her. I was getting away with to much and as my friend told me, the suggestion was that I needed a sound spanking. Well house rules was the first thing I heard about and this friend by the tone of her voice I knew she meant it. It was late afternoon and well I messed up and I soon was standing before this woman, she just looked at me and then told my lady friend this is how you address his behavior. Well this was embarrassing to me but by the look of these two older women it was fun. In no time I was standing with my pants and underpants around my ankles and laying across the friends lap. She wasted no time in warming my bottom and soon the pants and underpants I kicked off and was pleading for her to stop. When she did I ran to the bathroom, having to pee, and when finished I was told to get back to the frontroom. I stood facing the wall while the two talked. It was when my lady friend told me to stand before her I did and she admitted she was at fault for not addressing this behavior early in our relationship. She looked at her friend and with a grip on my arm led me to the bedroom. Closing the door she pulled the chair from the dresser sat down and to my shock took the hairbrush and I was soon across her lap. Well my bottom sore from the hand spanking did not take long to find me pleading, promising the world and crying as she warm my bare bottom with the hairbrush. Once finished I was told to remove the rest of my clothing and then taken to the frontroom naked to once again stand facing the wall. Her friend smiled as we entered and seeing my bare bottom ask how it felt and I said nothing, my lady friend smiled and said feels really good. The weekend was spent learning to behave and to add to the punishment I was given a bath, my friend doing the washing and the other watching and saying how I look like a naughty little boy.
    I've been on my best behavior but the rules are simple if I mess up I get to the bedroom, strip, wait, hands at side, hairbrush will be applied and yes I will be given a bath like a naughty little boy after I do corner time.

  3. Embarrassing and not fun is being taken to the woodshed, in this day and age, down south still used. Once the spanking is done being taken back to the house, red bare bottom and all on display. Fun for my wife, but embarrassing for me. Neighbor lady has seen on several occasions, she is the one who provided my wife with the paddle that she uses, very effective.

  4. Very well crafted piece. Excellent picture of her staring at the belt then caption setting up the situation, creating that sense of embarrassment through her modesty, was intresting to read the man's methods.

    1. Yes, the intense staring was what got me into that picture

      Glad you found the stoty interesting as well !

      Thank you for your comment